Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Avoca Day One

The Glanvilles were miners from Cornwall who came to Missouri for the mines. The 1860 census had 32 pages with 40 people on each page. My Glanville ancestors were on page 3 and William Reed was on page 29. Avoca was supposed to be near Valle Mines.
(William wasn't really from Ireland, but this was his new identity---he changed his name, age, and country of origin)
So, we went searching for Avoca---my GPS system and handy map of Missouri were no help. I stopped by the Post Office in Valles Mines and the woman had no idea. I had googled Avoca, Missouri and found an article by David Halleman on the Terry Cemetery in Avoca---he left the GPS co-ordinates so that's how we found it.
On the way up there, we did spot this sign:
I had Dave pull off the road while I went up the hill.
I found a beautiful little forgotten cemetery.
I did take photos of some of the stones
But, didn't see any that were of my family. My dad always said we were related to Armbrusters, so I took a photo of this stone.

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