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John Dabney Maupin's Application for Civil War Pension Part 3


Neighbors Affidavit

I'm not sure how it information about being with Connecticut Volunteers---obviously a mistake.  So skipping down 4 lines:

"Christopher Spies aged 57 years, a resident of Linn Co. Late Co. C, 12th ConVols (???)) whose post office address is St. Catherine in Linn Co. Mo. who being duly sworn, declare in relation to aforesaid case as follows:that he has lived a neighbor and has known John D. Maupin  for 20 years last past and that he was afflicted with chronic diarrhea up to the present time and from which disability and its consequences he is at present a helpless invalid requiring constant care and watching by his wife.  He further states his health and condition is such that he is liable to succumb almost ANY day.

That this claim outht to have immediate attention.  I know these facts from personal knowledge and have seen him as much as once a week for ten years. . . . .

24th May 1897. St. Catherine in the county of Linn state of MO."

This document is untitled but is testimony of Jane Gross Maupin and John W. Finney, Justice of Peace:

"On this 24th day of May 1897, personal appearance before me Mrs. Jane G. Maupin age 56, a resident of St. Catherine, MO, wife of John D. Maupin late Co. D 9 Reg Mo Cavalry war 61 (?), and that at present and for many years prior to this date, he has been a total physical weak .  So that she has to wait on him the same as a CHILD both day and night and that she knows that he was suffering from effects of chronic diarrhea and its result is when he came home that she could respectfully ask that his case be made SPECIAL his present Pen??? under new law is 618.059

Jane G. Maupin

State of Mo

Linn Co.  Subscribed and seen before me by Jane G. Maupin who I well know and that she is a credible witness and the aforesaid affidavit  read to her and understood by her in signing the same and that I am not interested in the prosecution of this claim for pension.  In Sistime any where I have set my had a Justice of Peace for Linn Co. Mo.  

John W. Finney, Justice of the Peace

I hereby certify that John W. Finney who has signed his name to the foregoing affidavit was at the time of doing it a Justice of the Peace in and for said county and state duly commissioned and from that all his official acts as such are entitled to full faith and ended it this signature there is genuine.

Geo. W. Adams, Clerk Court Linn Co. Mo"

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington DC January 15 1898

Certificate no. 618.059

John D. Maupin

Sir:  In forwarding to the pension agent the executed voucher for your next quarterly payment please favor me by returnint this circular to him with replies to the questions enumerated below.  

Very respectfully, ???? Evans, commissioner

First.  Are you married?  If so state your wife's full name and her maiden name: Jane G. Maupin---Jane G. Dickinson

Second. When, where and by whom were you married?:  June 6th 1858 Williamsburg, Mo by Stephen Ham, Minister

Third. What record of marriage exists:  Recorded at Fulton Callaway Co Mo.

Fourth. Were you previously marriedd?  If so please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce:  Narcissa Maupin died at Wellsville Mo Aug 28th 1857.

Fifth.  Have you any children Living?  If so please state their names and dates of their birth:  T.C. Maupin April 8th 1838, Wm. A. June 29th 1842, Nannie M. Feb. 5th 1845, Mattie A July 14th 1859, Henry W. May 7th 1861, John D. Jan. 16th 1869, Ira R Jan. 6th 1872, Oliver T Nov. 29th 1873.

John D. Maupin (his mark)

April 30th, 1898

Witness:  E. Anderson, Mattie A. Maupin

Pensioner Dropped

U. S. Pension Agency

Topeka Kans, Oct. 31 1900

Certificate 618.059

John D. Maupin

Blacksmith D 9 Mo S M Cav

Sir:  I have the honor to report that the above named pensioner who was last paid at $12 to 4Aug. 1899 has been dropped because of death.

Jane Gross Dickenson Maupin died June 28, 1897 one month after she gave testimony on how near death he was.  John Dabney Maupin died August 16, 1899.  I don't have any documents stating he was entitled to a pension, just this last one stating he was last paid $12.

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John Dabney Maupin's Civil War Pension Application Part 2


War Department Adjutant General's Office Washington Oct. 14, 1887

Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions.  John D. Maupin, a Private of Company D 9th Regiment MO. S. M.Cavy. Volunteers was enlisted on the 22nd day of March, 1862 at Wellsville, Mo. for the War and is reported on roll to April 30th 1862 present as Blacksmith, so born (?) to Dec 31st 1863, Jany and Feby 1864, absent on detached service March and April 1864, present, as born (?) to Aug 31st 1864; Sept and Oct 1864 absent in the field; Nov and Dec 1864 present.  Jany and Feby1865 absent on detached service at Macon MO.

Muster out roll of Co, dated April 21st 1865 at Sturgeon Mo, reports him mustered out with Co. on that day as Blacksmith.

Returns for July and Sept 1862 do not report  him absent; March 1865 absent on special with Pxxx O, M at Macon Mo.

Regl'l Hospital Record are not on fileThe recors of this office funrish no evidence of disability.

Not born (?) on rolls of Co D 9th Mo. Cavalry Volunteers

R.C. Drum

Neighbors Affidavit

State of Missouri, County of Macon.  In the matter of Claim for Pension of Joh D. Maupin on this 12th day of November A.D. 1887 personally appeared before me, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County duly authorized to administer oaths.  Patrick Cain age 64 a resident of Macon in the county of Macon Missouri whose post office address is Macon Mo...

That they have been well and personally acquainted with the claimant and that he belonged to the same Company and Regiment with the Claimant and was intimately acquainted with him from the time of the discharge from the service in 1865 until he removed from Macon Mo, sometime in the year 1868.  That Claimant was troubled with duian(?) of the bowels before his discharge and suffered with diarrhea from the time of his discharge  aforesaid and during the three years immediately following .  My knowledge of the above facts is derived from seeing him frequesntly and hearing him complain at the time of his said disability and by showed from his appearance that he was suffering during said time.

That he has no knowledge of claimants disability after he removed away from Macon Mo in 1868.  That during the time from 1865to 1868 claimant was unable to do manual labor of any kind for at least three years.

Neighbors Affidavit  29 October 1887  St. Catharine, Linn County

This affadavit is difficult to read but it has the testimony of two people:  J. M. Scott and W.R. Davis who also swear that he is unable to do any manual labor and at times is "utterly prostrate".

This certificate from the Department of the Interior, bureau of pensions is dated April 7, 1894 and is addressed to John D. Maupin, Blacksmith Co D, 9th Regiment Mo. S.M. Vol.Cav. (in upper left corner).  It has other information "So. Div.; JFC, Ex'r, orig. Inv.Ct. No. 618.059" But I don't understand what that

Declaration for Invalid Pensions
21 July 1890

This statement repeats the information found on others but includes his age as 76 and ". . .he is totally unable to earn a support by the reason of  chronic diarrhea also catarrh of the head and neuralia is totally prostrated and unable to do any work."  His pension application No. 601-796.  His signature is at the bottom of the page.

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John Dabney Maupin's Civil War Pension Application Part 1

John Dabney Maupin, son of Carr Maupin, fought in the Civil War with the Union Army and applied for a pension.  "State of Missouri County of Macon.  On this 2nd day of March 1887 personally appeared before me County Clerk of the said county, a court of record within and for the count and State aforesaid John D. Maupin aged 72 years, a resident of the town of St. Catharine in the count of Linn, State MO, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that his is the identical John D. Maupin who was enrolled 22nd day of March, 1862 in the Company D of the 9th Regiment of Mo. Cavaly State vols commanded by Benj Sharp Capt and was honorably discharged at Sturgeon Missouri on the 21 day of April, 1865 that his personal description is as follows:  Age 72; height 5 feet 8 inches; complexion dark; hair black; eyes black  That while a member of the organization aforesaid, i the service and in the line of his duty at or near California in the state of Mo on or about the day of Aug or Sept, 1862 he from exposure contracted chronic diarrhea.

That he was treated in hospitals as follows: Was treated by Regimental surgeons A.B. Castle and Smith (?) that he has  not been employed in the military or naval service otherwise than as stated above.  That he has not been in the military or naval service since the 21 day of April 1865.  that since leaving the service the applicant has resided three years in Macon County Mo and the balance of the time in St. Catharine, MO and his occupation  has been that of a blacksmith...  That prior to his entry in the service above named, he was a man of good, sound, physical health being when enrolled a blacksmith.  That he is now totally disabled from obtaining his subsistence by manual labor by reason of his injuries, above described, received in the service of the United States. .. .."

This is dated August 3, 1887.  It also adds that John D. Maupin was a private.  But it repeats much of the same information in the Declaration.

This is the Physicians Affidavit for the pension claim No. 691796.  John M. Pratt, Justice of Peace administered the oath to the physician:  "I was not acquainted with the soldier prior to the war.  I became initially acquainted with the applicant in 1876.  I was called to attend by family as his physician January 1st the same year I have mentioned.  To treat the said applicant for what I diagnosed Chronic diarrhea. He was greatly suffers with pain.  I gave him medicine which gave his temporary relief at that time."

I have been his family physician all of the time I have mentioned to the present time.  The applicant is troubled every 2 or 3 weeks with diarrhea which lasts from 5 to seven days.  It takes the strongest of astringents in the way of medicine to check it.  Then comes constipation which is about as hard to over come as the other is to control.

The applicant is gradually growing more year after year with the disease aforementioned.  I have gave him the treatment recommended by our best medical authority with only temporary relief.  The applircan is now unable to perform manual labor.  I have no interest in the prosecution of the above claim.  

J. C. Scott MD
Oct. 26th 1887 susbcribed and sworn to before me this 28th day of October 1887


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Ronnie Long

 These photos are in no particular order from my grandmother Vivian Maupin's photo album.  My Uncle Ron was the "baby of the family---20 years younger than my father and 8 years younger than his closest sibling.  Actually, he was as close to me and cousins Steve and Bob as he was to his siblings and as adults we did "hang" more as peers.  He was not just adorable, and the youngest but he was born with both legs deformed and spent months of his childhood at Shriner's Hospital with his legs in traction. So, as my mother would say, "Ron was spoiled".

My grandparents look older than they really were.  Grandma was 38 and Grandpa was 43 when Ron was born.  There had been miscarriages between Ron and his closest sibling Mary.

For more about Uncle Ron, click here.

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Harry and Minerva Maupin Family Part Three


Harry and Minerva's third child was Marie Frances Maupin.  I really don't ever remember meeting Marie but I do have photos of her as a child to share and I have a few details I've gleaned from the internet about her.  Marie married at least 3 times (Ralph Garrett, Floyd Craig, William Franzen) and had at least one child (according to 1950 census) Georgia Garrett.  

L-R:  Vivian, Louise, Minerva, Harry, Wes
Seated:  Ron, LeRoy, Jaclyn

Charles, Minerva, Vivian

These last photos were made in 1948-49 based on my age here and that my grandmother (Vivian) is holding a baby that I assume was my sister Jane. Minerva is also holding a baby (Marie's baby?).  Wondering what the occasion was since my mother's father Wes Wicker is also in the photo (wearing a hat).  I'm guessing we drove to DeSoto:  one held Jane, one drove, one tried to keep me under control. . . .