Tuesday, April 21, 2009

H.B. and Ellice Morgan Letters: July 23, 26, 1945

July 19, 1945 (Louisiana) Front step left: Grover Davis Morgan, Jr. Back step right: Harry Byron Morgan II. Others: Susan Sherman, Jackie Johnson, Judy Bates, Nona Gale McFarlin.

H. B. writes about the weather, garden, travelling to Cleveland and the concrete block machine. Dave thinks he was writing in Prenter where he worked at the Red Parrot Coal Mine. So, the end "Everyone seems O.K. here and Pcton" means everyone in Prenter, W.Va.(Mason's family) and "Pcton" the Morgan family (Ellice and "the boys") in Princeton, W. Va.

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Ellice writes a brief note---they seem very concerned about Harry. It's hard for us to understand that they are of the generation that a sick child often died. In an earlier letter, she'd been very concerned that the G.D.Morgan family was living so far away from the rest of the family and the support network it formed. I think this letter reflects a lot of anxiety: family apart, war times, sick grandchild.
Also, in a previous letter she had mentioned that it was hard for her to write because her hand hurt. I think the handwriting and brevity of this note reflects that. The last line reads, "Stamps are inside [Mother] all I had" We aren't sure if the stamps are food stamps or postage stamps. Dave thinks food stamps.

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