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60th Anniversary of Jefferson County Baptist Association 1913

I think the original photo hangs in Bethlehem Baptist Church in Jefferson County, MO. Rick Gannon, a cousin of mine, gave me a copy of the photo. It is a huge photo which I have photographed in sections. Double click on the photos to make them larger. Several of us have put our heads together to try to identify family members. We welcome corrections and more identifications.
We are fortunate to have a family reunion photo (1931)which has many of the same people in it. The man 2nd from the left in the front row is William Barber Ingalls who was married to Amanda Reiter (daughter of Louis Reiter, sister of Mary Reiter Long). She is also in the photo---one of the women above the upright fence post)

I don't know of anyone in this above photo.
This photo has Bertha Graham Wilson(big hat with white bow). She's the granddaughter of William and Margaret (Mc Carroll) Graham who are ancestors of mine. Her daughter, Gladys Wilson Long (Rick Gannon's grandmother), is seated with her legs out in front. She has a big white hat with a black band on the brim. The man in the grey shirt and white suspenders is Rick Gannon's ancestor Abner Green Medley. Next to him is a large man with a white beard whom we think is George Steele who was married to Mary Mildred Lee also a granddaughter of William and Margaret (McCarrell) Graham.
This photo is has several family members. The woman seated on the ground with a grey dress and dark hat in the middle is Annie Reiter Phenty (she's wearing glasses)---the sister of Mary Reiter Long (my great-grandmother). Standing to her right is a woman (dark skirt) with white hair pulled back. That is Mary Wilson Trimble (She is also the granddaughter of Mary "Polly" Graham Brown, daughter of Margaret Mecarel Brown Wilson)

Next to Annie Reiter Phenty(on the right) is Rose Bruns Reiter holding Emmett Reiter. The child looking at her is Ina May Reiter Pigg. Children seated in the front are Lula (Louise) Reiter and Clara Reiter---daughters of Rose and Fred Reiter. Straight up from them is Fred Reiter (Mary Reiter Long's brother) behind the woman with the straw brimmed hat.  I believe the tall slender man in front of Fred may be William Edward Reiter who is described on his WWI draft record as tall, slender, blond and blue-eyed.  He would be in the same general area as his siblings and that seems to be the best candidate.

I don't know of anyone in several of these photos. Please let me know if you recognize anyone.
Katie Long Bruns is right where the crease is. She is holding the baby who is probably Helen Bruns Mallory. Her husband is kneeling just to the left of her and the baby---Harry Bruns (next to a woman in white)I managed to split up my own family with this shot (above)---so took another picture so I could get them all together.
The buxom woman with the large brimmed dark hat with a white shirt is Mary Reiter Long (my great-grandmother). Her husband, Thomas Henry Long is two people over with the lighter color hat. My grandfather (Roy)being around 20 is probably not in this photo. However, Curtis Long is seated on the ground below his mother with a bow tie, blond hair and a billed cap. To his left with a brimmed hat is his brother Lawrence Long. I'm sure George and Johnnie are there but I'm not sure who is who. Since they were younger than Curtis they may be seated someplace else in the photo.

I am afraid that I don't know anyone else in this photo excepting for the black woman. She is "Lize", Ann Eliza Wilson, a slave who had been bought by Madison Graham of Morse Mill when she was 12-15 years old for $600 (1850's). After the Civil War, she continued to live with Madison's sister Adeline Graham Wilson until Adeline died in 1900. After that she lived with Frederick Harbison who may be in this photo.

Thomas Henry Long was the son of Milton Long and Caroline Brown. Caroline Brown was the daughter of Henry Brown and Mary Graham. Mary Graham was the daughter of William Graham and Margaret McCarroll and the sister of Madison Graham and Adeline Graham Wilson.

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