Wednesday, April 22, 2009

H.B. Morgan Letter July 31, 1945

I assume this is Dave giving a cat a bath---poor kitty. H.B. Morgan's letters discuss the rock crushing, block making, his work, the crops and his relief that Harry is feeling better.

The photo below is from Leah. It is clearly H.B. Morgan, but I'm not sure who the child is and assume it is at the farm. Maybe Dave or Harry can tell me something about the car, too.

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DaveM said...

I don't recognize anything from the farm in the photo -- nor the kid, or the car. Closest I recall to an "older" car like that was the 2-door Bantam, that I believe Paul [?] had. He kept it in a shed-like garage, which I guess he rented, down the hill about one-tenth mile from the farm. No garages there, except at the apartment. I got to ride in the Bantam once or twice. / Dave