Saturday, April 25, 2009

The William Reed House

After getting that photo of William Reed's house, I was on a mission. The realtor's listing gave instructions how to get there and that it was on Hencher Rd. I googled it and found a newer realtor's listing---it had recently sold. Now, I had an address that I could put in the trusty GPS system: 12932 Hencher Rd.

For a bird's eye view, click here and scroll down---it's on the corner with a lot of trees. It's kind of neat to see the other houses and the fields around it.

The family that's living there have only lived there for a year. The listing is still available with the amenities. (Click here) I talked to the owner who offered a tour---I declined, got his phone number and said I might be back later with cousins. He said he feels like he's living at a resort. I believe the previous owners more than doubled the size of the house with an addition that looks a lot like additions I've seen added in the early 1900's. It probably includes the master suite with whirlpool bath and a new kitchen with a stone floor.

I asked Steve (the owner) if he knew anything about the house. He said he thought it was built around 1844 and the builder had a lot of kids. If William Reed built the house, the date isn't right, but he was right about a lot of kids---9 kids is a lot.

Sadly Frances Glanville Reed had to go from this beautiful home to a boarding house in St. Louis in her later years. Such was the life of a widow at the turn of the century.

This is also the house where Annie Reed was married. See the blog on her early years. Click here.

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