Tuesday, January 24, 2012

James McCarrell

Our Ancestress Margaret McCarrell Graham has many descendants who are active in their respective churches, and we believe she was probably one of the organizers of the Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Dwight found a notation about her nephew Pleasant Baker McCarrell, which included an interesting tidbit about her father (my 5 great grandfather). For a photo of P.B.McCarrell, click here.

Pleasant Baker McCarrell was the son of Joseph G. and Jane McCarrell, being one of a family of eleven children. His paternal grandfather, James McCarrell, was born in Scotland. but, coming to this country, settled first in Virginia, then moved to Tennessee, settling in Knox County. His grandmother came from Pennsylvania, but was of Irish descent, hence the Scotch-Irish characteristics of our subject. P. B. McCarrell belongs to a family of singers, and was himself a fine singer. His grandfather was educated for a preacher. but discovering his real gift, decided to be a singer. When Dr. J. R. Graves lectured and preached in Blount County he lead Brother McCarrell associated with him as his singer. They were so well suited to each other, Dr. Graves said, "When I get to be bloody, `Bake' McCarrell shall be my Sankey."
We also know that James McCarrell originally settled in Virginia.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Louise's Red Letter Poems

 While going through my books, I opened this one and saw this inscription "From Mrs. E.W. Newsom To Louise Wicker Harrisburg, Ark. 1930"
 I noted some writing on one page---took me back to my poetry reading days.  Those markings were for reading a poem aloud for a contest or a grade.

 Then, I found these notes written by Mom.