Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter with G.D. Morgans (late 1940's)

Dave and Harry Morgan remember Easter.
The photo above was made in 1945 in Louisiana. The rag rug is one that Eloise made---I wrote an earlier blog on it.

This Easter photo was taken at 304 Walnut in front of the Fry's home in Princeton, West Virginia. Dave is on the left; Harry is on the right.
Harry remembers: It is interesting that the 304 Walnut photo shows that Dad parked "Petunia" (Mom's name for the 1942 Chevrolet that Grandad Morgan sold to Dad...light green over dark green 2-dr sedan) facing the wrong way in front of the house....I do remember that morning, and posing with Dave for the picture...I do not remember the Easter Egg Hunt that preceeded that, however...Dad took the picture facing down Walnut Street toward the main drag... the Fry House is to your left.
This Easter photo was taken in 1947 at the corner of Harry and Ellice's house---"The Big House"---in Princeton, West Virginia. Dave, Harry, Grover and a dog that Dave thinks was "Big Red".
Harry remembers: The picture taken on the "Farm" was indeed taken showing the NorthWest corner of "The Big House", rather late in the morning I would judge..I don't remember that picture being taken (most probably Mom took it)....the baskets look familiar....Hmmmm.....I believe that the dog is one of two medium-sized black males (mixed breed, probably mostly Lab and Cocker Spaniel) that were on the Farm the entire time that I could remember living there...an older one that was Grandad's, and a younger one (most probably the one in the picture) named Lassie, that more or less belonged to Lowell. Dad told me the story several times, as recently as 2002, that Big Red was the Irish Setter pup given to him and Mom by Cedric & Irene, and stayed on the Farm when Dad went into the Army....a neighbor fed Big Red poisioned meat one day soon after Dad left to serve his Country....I do not remember him at all....I was too young....Dad said that Big Red would chew on the Finials at the end of the armrests of the Cushman Maple Rocker (part of the Cushman "Colonial" Living Room set that they bought soon after their marriages), the same set that I have inherited, and that his tooth marks are still on the armrests...and they are still there to this day! The suit and hat that Dad is wearing in the picture is one of my most enduring memories of him during those year just before we moved to Cincinnati....he would come home after a week or two on the road, and be wearing that hat as Dave and I ran over and jumped into his arms!!!!

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