Saturday, April 25, 2009

Houses (and lots) in De Soto

While we were in De Soto last week, we tried to find a few more houses where our family lived. First, I wanted to find where my dad lived in 1920---that house is gone, but would have been where the parking lot of the De Soto Public Library is.!
Then, I wanted to find where William and Francis Glanville Reed lived in 1880--221 Lewis St. First, it should have been "Louis" St. Second, the street people put "St." in front of it, so, now it is "St. Louis" St.Again, it was a lot. The lot was between the grey house below
And the yellow house below---I assume the house looked something like one of them.So, I wasn't doing too well. Next I wanted to find Allen Place where William Reed (Annie's brother)lived in 1900 and 1910, but I didn't have an address and couldn't find the street. The De Soto librarian, Betty Olsen helped me out with "Lewis" St and "Allen Place."

Allen Place is a very small, steep, street parallel to Boyd. Actually, I could see Annie Reed Maupin's house through the brush.
By 1920, William Reed (Annie's brother) lived at 412 South Fourth St. At last a house!
My Aunt Mary remembers meeting William Reed and thinking that he looked like her Uncle Albert. That clue may have helped us identify another sibling in the 1920 photo.
Albert Maupin
I think William is the one seated in the front on the right. But, I'm open to suggestions from others as to which one looks like Uncle Albert. I've always thought that person looked like the oldest son.

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