Friday, July 31, 2009

Long Family Reunion

The photo says,"Family Reunion T.H.Long; Aug. 1, 1931", but there are so many more families there. In the middle of the photo are two brothers---Thomas and Jeptha Long and 3 sisters---Sarah Long Maness, Lenorah Long Couch and Susane E. Long Wallace. Thomas Henry Long is my great-grandfather, but I have two great-grandmothers also in this photo: Annie Reed Maupin and Mary Celecy Reiter Long and many members of their families.
I am grateful to Gwendolyn Pigg for telling me this summer that the pretty female next to my grandfather Roy Long is his cousin Louise Reiter. I really didn't think we would be able to identify any other people after 68 years. To enlarge these photos, double click on them, then use your back arrow to come back to this page.
This version with the names on it are courtesy of Jeptha's great-grandson Rick Gannon. The following families (most from Jefferson County) are represented: Maupin, Dodson, Long, Green, McKay, Guinther, Reed, Couch, Walton, Phenty, Trimble, Wallace, Couch, Blackwell, Maness, Bowslaugh, Ingalls, Wallace, Stroup, Spencer, Barnhart, Bruns, Frost, Bruns, Pounds, Wilson. Some of the children have just the word "orphan". I think they lived with the Couches and came from the Orphan Train. Click here for more information on this era in American history. If anyone knows who some of the people are who are labled as "orphan", with a name scratched out or "?", please let me know.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ellice Morgan Letters: Sept. 17, 28, 1945

Ellice Morgan wrote to her son Grover Morgan in the Army at Esler Field, Louisiana. She thanks her grandson Harry for his letter, but her good news is that her son Paul Morgan is on his way home and has already shipped his clothes to his wife Janice. She also mentions that her son Clifford Morgan has recently visited with his wife Ethel and son Garrett with Aunt Sarah (who "lives at Walnut Akers")
She mentions that she sent Harry a book.
Davis-Harry Alexandria, LA (9/22/1945)The letter dated Sept. 28, 1945 is mostly Paul---Janice had met him in "Greensburough". She also tells a little about her husband's work, tells Grover he can have her car---Garner says he can ride a bus to school. (Dave says he never knew she could drive a car) It turns out the book she sent Harry in the letter above was his ration book.

She reveals that she dug 12 bushels of potatoes, the wind is blowing like winter. The good thing about winter is "Xmas". Finally, her P.S. celebrates Paul is home, but thin at 180 lbs.
Dad can fix anything! Alexandria Louisiana (9/30/1945 2yrs 7mos; 4 yrs)
Compare how they're dressed in Louisiana with her letter talking about winter coming to West Virginia.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Morgan Letters Sept. 11, 17, 1945

Davis Morgan and his father, Alexandria VA, 9.22.1945
The letter from H.B. Morgan to his son Grover Morgan in Alexandria, Louisiana discusses auto strikes and coal strikes at Red Cedar.
Eloise Morgan and Davis at a horse show in Alexandria, LA (9/22/1945)

The letter from Ellice Morgan talks about her cooking and canning. She also experesses concerns that she hasn't heard from her son Paul who should be home soon. With the war over, she hopes everyone will be home soon. Davis, Mother: Alexandria LA (9/22/1945 2 yrs. 7 mos)
Ellice also shows her sense of humor commenting, "Aunt Vic isn't coming back this summer tis to lonely here for young girls, I guess." (Aunt Vic was her husband's older sister)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Letters from H.B. Morgan September 1 and 4, 1945

These letters are from Dave's grandfather Harry B. Morgan to Dave's family living in Louisiana near Esler Field in 1945. H.B. Morgan and his sons that were home were working on a garage which would include an apartment for Dave's family.
He mentions that he needed to go to Cleveland, Ohio, which I think must have been for business. He also discusses "applying" for a new car.

This next letter continues on the same topic of the garage. We do not know what "point system" H. B. is talking about. The sketch below is for the garage and apartment that H.B. and his sons (Lowell, Garner and Mason) were building for Dave's family when they returned after the war. Dave doesn't remember it being particularly small---he said it was all he knew. He remembers they used outside stairs to get to the apartment---after he fell off them, additional handrails were put up for smaller hands.

According to Dave:
In Granddaddy's sketch of the apartment layout: Harry and I had the "upper right" bedroom bordered by the front and alley [which was a gravel drive leading uphill to the top of the farm], Mother and Dad had the bedroom at lower right, the kitchen was upper left and the room was lower left. I don't recall where Tom slept, maybe it was the front room. / Dave

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bruns and Drennon

The George Bruns home and store was in Dittmer, Missouri. It burned down in 2002.Above is the Herman Bruns home which was sold to Alfred Hollandt in Dittmer, Missouri.

This document above is part of the probate for the John C. Bruns family: Louisa Bruns, Julia Bruns Robenort, William F. Bruns, Louis Arthur Bruns, Cora Hesey, Rose Reiter, Harry H. Bruns and Emma Dorr.
These two are newspaper clippings are about Glenn F. Bruns and Ralph D. Bruns both given awards for their service in WWII.

Below is an article about the George Bruns and Bertha Meyer celebrating their 50th Anniversary.
They were married on Nov. 16, 1899 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Bruns (sister and brother of the bride and groom). This also tells of their attendants: Elsie Meyer and John Heinen.

This next section tells about Mr. Bruns business career and lists their children: Hulda Kramme, Ella Weber, Herbert Bruns, Edgar Bruns and Warren Bruns.

The lady below was married to Joshua Drennan.

Here are Francis Marion Drennon and Mary Angeline McGee.
Below is the Memorial card for Harry Herman Bruns.
The next few photos are from the 60th Anniversary of the Jefferson County Baptist Association n 1913. Cora Bruns is in the back row 2nd from the left with a white hat.
Harry Bruns has a 1 on his forehead---Katie is behind him with a 2 holding Helen. Emma Bruns is behind the gentleman next to Katie with a brimmed straw hat.
For other people identified in this photo, click here.

The above notes were written with the birth dates, cause of death and death dates for many of the Bruns family. Double click on the image in order to enlarge.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unknown Photos

Gwendolyn Pigg also sent me these photos, but doesn't know who they are. They could be from the Reiter, Tyrey, Bruns, Drennon families who all lived in Jefferson County, Missouri.
These all seem to be between the Civil War and turn of the century. Dwight and Gwendolyn think the photo below is Peter Romaine McFrey in his Union Civil War uniform. He was killed or died 29 Dec. 1862 at 23 years of age at Vicksburg, Ms.
The children below seem to have been photographed at the same time as the couple below. Gwendolyn writes:
The next two with the same tree like backgrounds look so much like him that they must be McFrys but I don't know which ones. Maybe Peter's Sisters.

The backgrounds seem to be similar with trees.

Double click on the photo below to get a closer look. It is the Kraft Reunion 1920. We have some identifed: 35 is Thomas Long, 37 is Harry Guinther, 39 Lecy Long Guinther, 27 Cecil Long, 26 Guinther, 10 Guinther, 16 Long.
If you are recognize any of these people, please e-mail us. Click on Jaclyn Morgan under Contacts and Contributors to the left. To see more unknown photos from the Reiter, Tyrey, Long, Wiley line click on the lable "unknown photos"

Reiter-Bruns Family

Eloisa Drennon Bruns with her daughters Cora, Emma and Rose, 1938 at the old Aquilla Drennon house.
Gwendolyn has sent me lots of wonderful photos. I have categorized them and will post them in groups. This group will have Reiter and Bruns photos with two Longs. These are all from northwestern Jefferson County, Missouri.

The photo below is identified above. It has the following family names: Kramme, Bruns, McCulloch, Hollandt, Blake, Weber, Torbitsky, Gascke, Meyer, Ultzen, Belew, Reiter, Eime, Schuchart, Pierce, Steele. It is "Reunion at Maple Grove School, Dittmer July 4, 1922."
The next photo is identified as a Cedar Grove School photo, September 24, 1928 (??)
It has these names: Meyer, Manion, Montgomery, Reiter, Williams, Harrison.
The photo below is my great-aunt Katie Long Bruns with her husband Harry Bruns. Katie (was my grandfather's half sister Cenith Catherine Long---her mother was a Wiley)

Gwendolyn sent this photo in with her unknown photos---it's Celecy Ellen Long Guinther (great Aunt Lecy whose mother was Mary Reiter---she had the same father as Katie---Thomas Henry Long)
Below is Fred (Francis Frederick) Reiter and his wife Rose Bruns. This is from the Baptist Church photo. The children are: Ina Reiter Pigg (face turned), Lula Reiter Sutter (in hat), Clara Reiter Kolley and Emmett Reiter in the lap.
Finally, here is Fred Reiter and Rose Bruns wedding photo--such a handsome couple.