Friday, June 25, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Church members 1930-1934

I'm sorry these records aren't exactly in order, but I wanted to get them done before July and have to scan 200 images to find the membership records. Both the image above and below are the same page, but I wanted to get in closer and photographed it twice. I'm actually related to at least 11 of these people.

Beginning Oct. 3, 1930: James Brown, Thelma Brown, Newton Eoff, James Wilson, Blanche Wilson, Sadie Wilson, Ida Wiley, Linda Drinen, Nettie Drinen, Martin Drinen, Ray Drinen, Russell Tove. 1932: Coen Reed, Mrs. Belle Eoff, Ruth Manion, Gladys Lee Hunt, Charles O. Lee, F. J. Whitsel, Vernon Lee, Margaret Montgomery, Ross Pillen, Mrs. Myrtle Pillen, Maud Lucas, Margaret Woods, Lola Brown, Mrs. H. L. Wilson. 1934: William Wiley and Julia Wiley apparently changed their minds and decided to go to Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church in Ware, Mo. But, J.E. Brown did join the church by letter.

Bethlehem Baptist Members 1880-1890

Elizabeth E. Reiter Manion (1867-1904), sister of my great-grandmother Mary Reiter Long.
For more about these church records got the Bethlehem Baptist blog which has 80 years of the church records that I was able to photograph.
Although there were no dates on this page, Caroline Valle is one of my relatives on the Tyrey-Reiter side of the family. She married Peter Charles Valle in 1860 and died in 1910, so the above page is somewhere in between: Miss Ellen Baldwin, Mrs. Caroline Valle, Miss Mary Jane Mothershead, Mrs. Clara Davis.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Church Membership 1864-186?

Jackson J. Carrow d. 1889
These are the oldest of the Bethlehem Baptist Church records that Ada had. Bethlehem Baptist is still in a rural part of Jefferson County near Grubville, Mo. For 80 years of these records, go to the Bethlehem Baptist Blog. Double click to enlarge for more information: Mary Ann Manion, Margaret Wilson (now Lee), Nancy Ann McKeen(?), Margaret Pounds died Oct. 1877, Lucinda Pounds, Emily Baker, Margaret Ann Williams died March 24, 1878, Elizabeth Brinley, Nancy Wilson, Missouri Hamilton (now Eoff), Martha Ann Whitesett, Lucindy Herrington, Hariet Graham, Sarah M. Moggers, Henriett W. Maggers, Miley Ann Meledy, Olivia Mayfield died Oc. 5, 1877, Onliene Beeler, Letty Widman A. Blackmann died Aug. 1878, Caroline Widman, Margaret Lee now Frost, Margaret Carrow, Elizabeth McKee, Sarah Widemann, Malinda Wideman.
As hard as it might be to believe this, separate records were kept for men and women. I thought, "did only women go to the church" when I transcribed the first page and then, I found this page---all men: W. Williams, John Herrington, George H. Frost, William Davis, Midleton (?) McDaniel died July 1873, John W. Nappier 1864 dead, Jackson Carrow departed this life Nov. 22, 1881, Michael McKay, Dennis Wilson, Sallomon B. Wilson, William Jasper Frost, Rabin S. Huskey, Noah Studam, E.F. Frost, Robert Balenike, Robert Wilson, Silas M. Herrington, ??? Parkes, Wm. P. Frost, P------ Wideman died April 1, William W. Hocking, Thomas Eoff baptised Oct. 21 1866 dead, Thomas Eoff died Jan. 21, 1879
"Illegally drawing out of the church" does NOT mean stealing from the church which I first thought, but rather they left the church without a letter of transfer. Some of the names are very hard to read---I welcome suggestions and corrections. The page above is also "the ladies": Docia McFry, Catharine Long (Catherine Brown Long, my great-great grandmother), Elizabeth Wideman, Matilda Lee died November 5, 1876, Mary Ranicagan???, Unity Evans died March 1883, Adline Wilson, Catharine Frost, Adline McKay, Elizabeth McKay, Ellen Dallushy??, Margaret Lee, Nancy Graham, Jane Wine (now McKane), Susan Manion departed the life Aug. 28, 1880, Mahalla Frost, Catharine Brinley, Sarah Scaggs, Elizabeth Graham, Elizabeth Brown, Ruth Evans died Sept. 1877, Sarah Evans, Lucinda Frost, Levi (?) Partney.

Finally, the men's membership: James Pounds died Apr. 8, 1866, George McFry, Thomas S. Pounds, James Evans died Oct. 31, 1865, John Evans, James A. Wideman, William McKay, Christopher Frost, Michael Brinley, Wesley Scaggs, Lewis Partney, Leonard Couch, Stephen Pounds, Thompson Brown, Efram Evans, --------Wideman, Jr, William G. Manion, Lewis H. Lee, William Hanney, Joseph Brown, James M. Pounds.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Membership 1909-1929

Many of the people in this photo are members of the Bethlehem Baptist Church. Click here to see the entire photo. Click here for all 80 years of the Bethlehem Baptist records. Please contact Jaclyn Morgan if you can identify any of these people.

Double click on these membership rolls to see when and how these people joined or left Bethlehem Baptist Church near Grubville, Missouri: Ada Brown, Cittie Perkins, Hettie Pruet, Price Carrow, mack Perkins, John Drinnen, Ben Washburn ("gone to Holy Rollers"), Nellie Adams (now Green), Jennie Wilson (now Adams), Cintha Carrow, Daisy Wilson (now Eaton), Otta Frost, Thomas Reed, John McKee, Annie McKee, Blanch Miller (now McDowell), Mary Eoff, Ella Sterling, Roy Perkins, Mrs. Fannie Lee, Mrs. Nettie Prewitt, Coral Lee (now Adir?), Miss Lee Carrow (Clover?), Miss Betha Prewitt, Miss Carry Aders, Charles Henry, Ed Reiter (died May 20, 1925), Mary Lee.

This page is 1911-1920: Otto Carrow, Pery Miller, Frank Wilson, Margie Wideman (now Carrow), Myrtle Wideman, James Adams, John P. McKay, Elizabeth McKay, Gladys Lee (Hart), Gladys Wilson (now Long), John Wilson, William Wilson, E.F. Wilson, Howard Miller, Ruth Hensing, Pearl Miller, Thelma Miller, Floyde Miller, Ada Lee (now Henry), Bertha Eoff, Elsie Harness (now Manion), Gertrude Williams, Myrtle Williams, Robert McKay, Lazetta McKay, Woodrow McKay, Walter Adams

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Membership 1896-1908

Marion F Manion 1840-1903 [son of Susan Graham and John Samuel Manion] Mary Ann [Simpson], his wife 1847-1888
Mary Ann [Pounds] Manion Born Dec. 2, 1834 Died June 12, 1894
Thomas Jefferson [Manion] Husb. of Mary Manion Born June 18, 1831 Died Feb. 9, 1903
Many of these people never left Bethlehem---they are still in the cemetery. I hope that someone gets some information out of these records---I'm doing my best to spell the names correctly, but if you have any corrections or comments, leave them in the comments section or "contact" Jaclyn Morgan. Double click to see when and how they joined or left the church. For the entire 80 years of records, click here. This membership listing begins with June 1896.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Membership 1890-1895

Cousin Rick took me to Ada's house near Grubville, MO to see some old records of Bethlehem Baptist Church that had been found in an attic. Longs, Browns, Grahams, Tyreys and Reiters were all members of this church. The cemetery has my great-grandmother Mary Reiter McKee Long and four great-great grandparents: Milton Long, Catherine Brown, Liza Louisa Tyrey, Louis Reiter.
I was pretty excited about seeing some of the membership lists. Double click to enlarge to read when and how they joined or left the church. Here are the names from 1890's: Alice Wilson, Louis Adams, Mary C. Adams, Freemont Pounds, Wm. Powers, Clinton Manion, Susan Bruinn, H. W. Williams, Virginia A. Pounds, Eliza Caviness, Hugh McKeane, Laura Wilson, Charles Evans, Vincent Pauthy (Phenty?) and wife, Newton Eoff, James Wideman, George W. Harrison, Dexter L. P. Williams, Fannie Williams, Lou Harrison, George Davis, ?????, Caroline Brown, Winnie Manion, Eliza Wilson (colored), Lila Whitworth, Martha Whitworth.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the date photographed, but think it's 1895. Here are the names listed: Mary A. Manion, Nancy Wilson, Malinda Wilson, Phebe Brown, Martha Pounds, Malisa Brown, Frances Lee, Clara Eoff, Silas Pounds, Ardell Dickey, Martha Huskey, Robert McKay, Annie McKay, J.P. McKay, John Lee, Bertha Wilson, William Alvoid, Wm. and Anna Hulsey, John Dickie, Ellen Sterling (now Cowen), Mary Wilson (now Huskey), ????, Margaret Carrow, Jennie Brown, Effie Carrow, Mrs. Margaret Carrow, Mary E. Perkins, J.L. Perkins, Frona (?) Perkins.

I have now devoted an entire blog to the 80 years of records which I photographed.  Click here for Bethlehem Baptist Church records.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maupins in Woodlawn Cemetery

My cousins Kathleen and Stephen along with our uncle Ron (above) accompanied me to DeSoto, Missouri to find the graves of our relatives.Fortunately, Kathy knew exactly where they were since she had accompanied her dad each year.
Henry W. Maupin (1861-1930) and Annie E [Reed] Maupin (1866-1944) were Kathy, Steve and my great-grandparents, Ron's grandparents. All of these stones are for their children and grandchildren. I don't know where Mamie Maupin Wilson (b. 1894) is buried, but it's probably in St. Louis where I remember visiting her and her husband Leo. Grace Maupin McKay (1900-1991) died in California---her husband Harvey was Hal McKay's uncle. I don't think I ever met her, but my parents visited her in California.

Harry E. Maupin (1889-1978) was the oldest child to live to adulthood and his wife Minerva (1895-1987). I visited them often as a child---it wasn't my favorite place to go since they didn't have indoor plumbing.
They had three children: Charles (whom I knew very well), Marie (whom I don't remember at all) and Betty (above) who was one of my favorite relatives---always sunny and smiling. I'd never thought that her name was Elizabeth (1921-1995) which was Annie Maupin's middle name. I don't really remember her husband Paul Pope (1917-1990).
We always visited Mattie and Hal when we went to De Soto. They had 9 children who lived to maturity---I loved all of them I knew---always laughing, relaxed, joking.
Buried with them was their oldest living son Henry Silas McKay (1911-1999) whom I didn't really know. Their other children were Bob, Maybelle, "Junior, Jack, Martha, Norman "Herbie", and Jerry. I have done other blogs on Bob, Junior, Martha and Jerry.

This is the stone of Albert Maupin (1895-1945)who was in the Depot Brigade in World War I. Albert never married and was disabled after falling off a train (he had been a brakeman). He often lived with my grandparents Vivian and Roy Long.

My grandmother, Vivian Idele [Maupin] Long (1899-1951) and grandfather . . .

Roy M.Long (1894-1973).

Steve and Ron had brought flowers for their graves.

I was very close with Walter Maupin (1908-1965) and Maxine Huskey Maupin (1917-1993). I even would stay with them in their big house on Main Street.
At that time, they had just one child "Jimmy" (1939-1980), but later had Frances (below) who died at birth and two children who are still living---Johnny and Suzanne.
Although it was sad visiting with so many people I've loved, it was great being with people I still love.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bethlehem Cemetery

My cousins Kathy, Steve and I visited Bethlehem Cemetery. Kathy is pointing out Louis Reiter our g-g grandfather---his stone is barely readable. Thank goodness it was next to his wife's Eliza E. (Tyrey) Reiter.
Newer ones were very nice like Joseph (1903) and Gladys Long (1904). Joseph was Jeptha Long's son and first cousin to our grandfather Roy Long.