Friday, October 30, 2009

William Reed/Farncombe

While in De Soto Library recently, I was looking through their files and found this. It was a very faded copy---this is actually more readable than the original. It was stapled to a lot of genealogy of local French families---Roussin and Lalomondier are two that I recall. I don't know who wrote it. It is slightly different from the other story that other Reed cousins had. I'm going to try to transcribe it to the best of my ability without making comments. But, before beginning I want to be clear that William Reed was not royalty---his father was a "Chelsea pensioner" having retired from the British army before he was born (and he wasn't an officer, either). Please click on the "Lables" to the left on Reed or Farncombe for other stories.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tyrey Family on a Flatboat

This is an image I snatched from the internet, but I wanted to show what it must have been like to travel down the Mississippi River on a flatboat. Two relatives have related the story that Jacob Tyrey and Celecia Kilpatrick Tyrey with their children---Francis M. Tyrey and Caroline Tyrey Valle (and possibly my g-g grandmother Eliza Ellen Tyrey Reiter who is listed as being born in Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin). Here is a web-page which explains the dimensions and logistics of a flatboat a little better.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tyrey Final Resting Places

After taking a detour around a flooded road, we finally found the Maness/Fletcher Cemetery.
It was beautifully maintained with a well-painted fence. Although some of the stones look broken, I think they were the origninal stones which were just rocks.
Although this is hard to read, I loved the colors and textures---it is for a J. E. Maness (but not one we are related to) Click here to see everyone in this cemetery.

This is the stone for Francis Marion Tyrey and his wife Sophia Marrah (not the original French spelling). He was Eliza Ellen Tyrey Reiter's oldest brother----Mary Reiter Long's uncle.
Linda shared this photo of Francis Tyrey and Sophia. He looks so much like my great uncle Clarence Long (the little blond boy sitting on a stool in the middle) and his son Clyde Long.

After lunch, we wanted to find the Poor Farm where Jacob Tyrey (Francis and Eliza's father) spent his final days.
Using my plat map and a current map of Jefferson County, we were able to locate the buildings (Although these building look like abandoned houses, if you click on them to enlarge them, you'll see satellite dishes on them) We don't know why Jacob Tyrey was at the Poor Farm but he was quite old. One of his descendants recalls hearing about "the old man at the Poor Farm". He lived there from 1896-1899. We assume he died there and is in an unmarked grave. Click here for more information on the "Poor Farm."

Cousin Dwight said there is a cemetery nearby, but we didn't visit it. I still think Jacob Tyrey is probably in an unmarked grave nearby although the article on the Poor House says many paupers are buried in Neeley Cemetery in Hillsboro, MO.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tyrey Country

Linda (married to a distant cousin) and I decided to try to find the old Tyrey homestead---where Jacob Tyrey (my g-g-g grandfather) lived. First, we crossed Tyrey Creek many times which was full after all of the rain we've had this fall.
Linda had a map which certainly helped us find the Tyrey Homestead, but we were disappointed to see it had burned down.It had been a log cabin, I believe. We don't know when the fire was but it was definitely within the past 20 years.
Here are the tags on the front post which shows that whoever owned the property had paid for fire protection up until 1988.
Linda's eagle eyes found a little foot bridge over Tyrey Creek.
Next, we decided to try Tyrey Road. I was pretty impressed that these gravel roads had street signs. Tyrey Road, however, was a little travelled gravel road.
Yeah, that's mud on the windshield. . .we got to someone's yard where there was a gate to keep us from going on up the road, so we turned around and decided to try to find the Maness Cemetery where many of our relatives were buried.
Although our map had directed us to a different Oak Grove Church, we think this was the Oak Grove Church where the Tyrey families belonged.
But, the road to the church and cemetery had water flowing very swiftly across it. We decided that would not be wise to cross this stream.We stopped by the post office to see if there was another way to get to Maness Cemetery. The postmaster just laughed when she found where we had been. She,then, told us how to get around this water hazard.

Monday, October 19, 2009

William Graham's Will

William and Margaret Graham are perhaps my most interesting ancestors (4 greats). They are Catherine Caroline Brown Long's (Milton's wife) grandparents. Their daughter (Catherine's mother)was Mary (Polly) Graham Brown who was born in Missouri around 1811.

Originally they were just names, but I gradually began to realize that almost everyone with Jefferson County pioneer blood is related to them (some, like cousin Rick, is related to them three or four ways). Although we aren't sure where they came from, they were definitely early settlers since Missouri wasn't a state until 1821.

At first, we thought William had died before 1830 because Margaret is the head of the household in the census (above). But, then we found William's will dated 1835:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Milton Long and DNA

This summer, we got an e-mail from Family Tree DNA that we matched L.H. Long on 67 markers---that means we are pretty closely related. He was about the 5th person we matched 67 markers on, but we have never found HOW we were related. I wrote back to L.H. to welcome him to our DNA Band of Brothers. L.H., being a very savvy octogenarian, saw that I had this blog. He clicked on the link, looked around and wrote me this e-mail:
"we have a picture of Milton Long and wife. We have several tintype picture that we are unable to identify. Jaclyn - seen blog - Milton's pic same - Johnnye Van Hook - 2nd cousin once removed - came upon a box pic and tintype in Chatsworth, Ga - where she was attending a funeral. Va Hook is from Texas. No names on picture."
I was stunned. Milton's father, Thomas Long (b. 1792), had moved to Missouri around 1812. Milton's parents died around 1840. If Milton was born in 1830, this photo was probably made in 1860-70's. And, yet, this photo was in a box which L.H. Long had in Alabama. Thank goodness, several other events also happened. Janice B. had put together a Long family history and Vincent had his DNA also analyzed. Those verified that Thomas Long was the son of Bromfield Long(b. 1749) who left Virginia to settle in Kentucky with four of his children moving on to Missouri. With Janice's help, we were able to determine that L.H.'s ancestor was probably Bromfield's brother William (b. 1770)

I am so impressed that great-uncle William's family was still corresponding with his brother's orphan grandson. And, this is photo mystery #3 this month---I identified one of mine "Valle Girls?", a Texas Maupin cousin identified one of theirs "Maupin Siblings" and L.H.Long in Alabama identified one of his. Isn't the internet marvelous!?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Maupin Siblings

Apparently I'm not the only one with boxes of mystery photos. A cousin in Texas sent me this photo asking if I thought these were Maupins. Together, we have concluded that these are the children of John Dabney Maupin and Jane Dickinson Maupin: Mattie Maupin Maupin and Henry Maupin (my great-grandfather) are seated in the front; on the porch are John D. Maupin, Oliver Maupin and Ira Maupin (not necessarily in that order, but we're pretty sure Ira is on the far right).

We believe this photo was taken in Teague, Texas in the 1920's (Mattie and Henry died in early 1930's). We don't know what the occasion was, but with all of them working for the railroad and having passes, it wasn't that hard for Henry (from De Soto, MO) and Ira (from Kansas City, MO) to hop on a train to visit their three siblings in the Waco/Teague area of Texas.

This is the third mystery photo cousins and I have cracked in one month! One is so bizarre, it deserves its own blog posting. (The third one is "Valle Girls?")

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LeRoy and Lindbergh

Last weekend I went to the Missouri Historical Society Research Library. While I was there, I asked about Dad's recording he made for them of his memories of Charles Lindbergh. They couldn't help me, but gave me a name of someone at the Museum that I could contact. So, I e-mailed her---she responded promptly that she had forwarded my inquiry to someone else.

Meanwhile, I was looking at this photo Mom had made of my Dad on this day at the museum. For some reason, I decided to take the photo off the shelf to see if Mom had written the date on the back.

She had the flyer for the event, a description of Dad's memories all in the back of the frame (That's my Mother!).
"June 13, 2002
Your Dad was 9 years old the parade passed his house on Forest Park Blvd. [Dad lived on the corner of Forest Park Blvd. and Newstead Click here ]
Hear say:
He over-heard Aunt Mamie [Maupin] Wilson and his mom talking. He stayed all night at Aunt Mamie's Room House (no motels) across the street."

To my recollection---Lindbergh was staying across the street in another rooming house. But, Mom's notes told me two things that I wanted to know---where Dad had seen the parade and which aunt had a boarding house. Thanks, Mom!

Friday, October 9, 2009

John D. Maupin Family

In the 1900 Census the following people were living in this house below near DeSoto, Missouri: Chrisopher Campbell (48), Mary Campbell (45), Lulu Campbell (23), George Campbell (22), Grace Campbell (16), Fred Campbell (14), Pearl Campbell (11), Neva Campbell (9), Dimple Campbell(6), Minnie Campbell Maupin (28), John D. Maupin (31), Lolo M. Maupin (9), Ollie R. (Campbell) Maupin (8), Irene F. Maupin (5), May Maupin (3), Alesia Booker (80)--a boarder.

This was the home of John Dabney and Minnie (Campbell) Maupin before they left De Soto, Mo. to move to Texas. Minnie's parents, Christopher C. Campbell and wife Mary (Hurst) Campbell were living with them in De Soto, Mo. and moved to Teague, Texas with them and are also buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Teague, Freestone County, Texas.

John D. Maupin (my great-grandfather's brother) was a foreman of the roundhouse at the railroad in Texas just like his brother Henry Maupin was in De Soto. Their occupations are listed as machinists. As mentioned in the earlier blog, John D. had a ranch when my grandparents and aunt visited them in 1930, but he also served on the bank board.

News Item from 1925 Fairfield Recorder showing J. D. Maupin as
Vice-President of the First State Bank in Teague, Texas.

Here are the daughters and granddaughter of John D. and Minnie Maupin
Mae Lillian Maupin (Cain), Irene Maupin (Allen), Lolo Maupin (Castleberry)
Child is daughter of Lolo Maupin and Buck Castleberry, Bea Castleberry (Ham)

The Teague Chronicle
September 7, 1950 (Thursday)
J. D. Maupin Rites Held Here Today

J. D. Maupin passed away early Wednesday morning in Mexia at the age of 81.
Mr. Maupin will be remembered by the people of Teague as one of the old-timers,
having moved here when the city was still in its infancy, and has seen Teague in
it's good days and its less prosperous. Being of a congenial spirit, he numbered
among his friends all who came to know him. He was always ready to
contribute his time and efforts to the advancement of the city. Since early in life,
he was an active member of the Presbyterian Church.
He came to Teague in January of 1909 and was Superintendent of Motive
Powers with the T. & B V Railroad, and served in this capacity until his
retirement in June 1939, after 30 years of service.
He was born in St. Katherin, Mo., January 1, 1869 and at the age of 20,
he moved to De Soto, Mo. There he met and married Miss Minnie Campbell
and to this union was born four children, namely: Mrs. R. C. Castleberry of
Teague, Mrs. Lloyd Allen of Missouri, who survive him. A son Campbell
Maupin and a daughter, Mrs. M. M. Cain, preceded him in death. Mrs. Maupin
died in 1940. In August, 1945 he married Mrs. Virginia Means and has resided
in Mexia since that time.

Besides the above named children, he is survived by 8 grandchildren, 13
great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild.

Funeral services were conducted from the Presbyterian Church Thursday
afternoon at 3:30, Rev. William Casseday pastor officiating. Interment was
made in Greenwood Cemetery.
Thanks to a cousin in Texas for sharing this wonderful information.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

John D. Maupin and Mary Louise Campbell

Double click on any of these documents to see them larger. The great-grandchild of John D. Maupin and Mary Louise Campbell shared these documents with me. His wife asked me if I could help her identify any of the photos which I've added to her identifications below. John D. Maupin and Mary Louise Campbell had a 50th Anniversary Party in Teague Texas.

The Teague Chronicle dated Dec 21, 1939 (above) And the names of those in attendance were:
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Long and children Maxine, Mary and Ronald of St. Louis, MO. (Vivian Maupin Long was John D. Maupin's niece)
Annie Maupin and Miss Betty Maupin, De Soto, MO.(Annie Reed Maupin is the widow of John D. Maupin's brother Henry Maupin---Betty is one of her granddaughters)
Mr. & Mrs. F. R. Maupin (and I think this is a typo by the newspaper and should be I. R. Maupin) of Kansas City, MO (Ira Maupin was one of John D. Maupin's brothers)
Grace Gideon of Tulsa, Okla (Minnie & Fred's sister Pearl G. Campbell?)
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. King of Dallas(this would be Neva Bee Campbell sister of Minnie & Fred)
Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Bourland of Dallas
Miss Johnnye Maupin of Dallas (grandaughter of J. D. & Minnie; Johnnye's dad was Campbell Rexford Maupin)
Mr. & Mrs Loyd Allen of Esterville, Iowa (this is Irene "Dee Dee" Maupin, dau. of J. D. & Minnie)
Mr. & Mrs. O. T. Maupin of Waco, TX (Oliver was John D. Maupin's brother)
Grace Campbell of Waco(Fred & Minnie's sister)
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Maupin of Waco( Jack was son of O.T. and was the nephew of J. D. & Minnie)
Mrs. Sam Bill Bournias
Mr. & Mrs. M. M. Cain of Teague
Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Castleberry, of Teague
Mr. & Mrs. L. R. Boyd Jr. of Teague
Mr. & Mrs. J. Bob Ham, Bobbie Dee and Robert Clinton of Teague
Mr. & Mrs. F. S. Campbell and Fred Jr. of Teague (Fred Sr. was Minnie's brother)

First row left Grace Campbell, next to her I think is Grace Gideon, Minnie's sister, because they look so much alike, next on her right (looking dapper with vest and bowtie) is J. D. Maupin, Minnie (with flower corsage) and Annie Reed Maupin (widow of J.D's brother Henry). Behind Annie a girl in light grey (?) dress with dark collar is Johnnye Pauline Maupin. Behind her is Vivian Maupin Long (daughter of Henry and Annie Reed Maupin) and the man behind her is her husband Roy Long. I think this was just a group photo of selected people as there are no children.

I just talked to my aunt Mary after she got a copy of the photo. She says Uncle Ira is the stout man behind the three women in the front. She remembers Uncle Ira as being really heavy---maybe even 300 lbs. The woman next to him may be his first wife. Then, the man next to her may be Uncle Oliver Maupin. She also recalled that she, her parents and grandmother took the train to Waco and then went in a car to Teague.

My Aunt Mary who attended the event as a child remembers that Minnie and John D. Maupin were very gracious hosts with servants and delicious, but rich food. The goat's milk and butter were too rich for her Depression-era eating habits.

Mary remembers Teague was not very big with just one paved street. She and her father Roy Long rode horses down the street and although she was proud of how well her father rode, she'd not been on a horse and flopped up and down. She recalls that John D. Maupin was probably the wealthiest of the brothers although all of the brothers worked for the railroad. John D. had a town house and a ranch.

Despite the newspaper article, Mary said she was the only child who attended from Missouri---her brother, sister and cousin Betty did not attend. She remembers two elegant young ladies who went to college in California who invited her to wear their riding gear but they were more petite than she was. Someone gave her a set of antlers which she had to take back on the train to St. Louis. She has warm memories of the event and had talked to me about it on previous occasions.

This photo is either of Maupins, Campbells or possibly the Buck Castleberry family, but we don't know who they are. Please contact Jaclyn Morgan if you can identify anyone in either of the photos.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Valle Girls?

I have made it my mission to identify the photos my sister had in one of Grandpa's cigar boxes. I thought I'd identified Lois Valle and Verna Valle, but when I met Lois she said via an e-mail from her daughter Jean, "The one with the darker hair may be Gladys Valle Cooper (mom's first cousin, daughter of Albert and Alice Valle) and the other one is maybe Edna Valle (daughter of Lawrence and Estelle Valle). Gladys was the first grandchild of Julius and Betty Valle and the only child of Uncle Albert. Edna was the second grandchild and the oldest child of Lawrence Valle. Gladys is deceased and Edna is still living with her younger sisters in California and is 97."
Here is why I thought this photo was Verna and Lois Valley. I was on a Jefferson County Genealogy Web-site (all of the children are identified at Brown School 1926)and took a look at this photo with fresh eyes. Several years after first seeing the photo, I know that I'm related in one way or another to most of these children. My dear friend/cousins (The Jeptha Longs) have many family members here and that's the context I first looked at it. I've recently been aware of the blonds in the family, looked at this photo at the blond children and noted that one of them was Verna Valle. I thought. . "Valle---Great-great grandmother's sister Caroline Tyrey married a Valle." I looked at the photo again (5 th girl on the right) and I was sure that was the girl on the right in the unknown photo.
This photo of Clyde Long is what had me thinking blond. I'd always been told the blonds in the family are from the Reiter side of the family. BUT, g-g grandmother Reiter was a Tyrey (Tyree). David Long (next to his brother) said everyone always said his brother looked just like Chester Tyrey which has me wondering if the photo I dearly want identified is of a Tyrey---especially with my latest discovery.
Looking at this little boy's face is like looking at my nephew and grandson Davis. Go to this blog for more Unknown Photos of the Reiters and Tyreys.