Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aerial Harbor Photos, 1945

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1945
Dave's dad was a Staff Sergeant in the U. S. Army at a desk job. Somehow, he acquired some aerial photos of western harbors which I have always thought were very interesting. They are stamped "restricted" on the back, but I suspect I can share them now. Double click to see them larger.
The photo above is Barksdale Field in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1945. Note the air field and all of the air planes above the air runways.
The photo above is Point Furman, California 1945.
Los Angeles Harbor, 1944---it looks a bit different now.
Santa Monica, California 1945---the white area is beach.

This one is my favorite---Huntington Beach, California in 1945---look at all of those oil derricks!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ellice Smith Morgan's Letter October 6, 1945

Harry Morgan, Davis Morgan, Grover Morgan; Alexandria Louisiana, 10 July 1945
Ellice Smith Morgan wrote this letter to Grover D. Morgan and his family stationed in Alexandria, Louisiana. She expressed her hope that she will see them at Christmas this year.

Davis Morgan, Grover Morgan, Harry Morgan; Alexandria, LA; 7/19/45

The second page is about her chickens and her hope that Paul and Grover will be out of the army and "get back to normal living again."
Harry (3 yrs 11 mo) and Davis (2 1/2 yrs) Alexandria, LA 7/23/45
The last page expresses her concern that Garner will also have to go into the army.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

H.B. Morgan's Letter Oct. 3, 1945

This note is from Harry Byron Morgan to his son Grover D. Morgan who was in the army at Esler Field, Louisiana. In the page above, he says that another son Paul Morgan is home and looking good.
Grover Morgan is at the right.

The rest of the note talks about the coal industry and his belief that the "rich uncle" (Uncle Sam or the Federal government) would be taking over the mines.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Letter to LeRoy from Rachel

If you read the letters from Dad's siblings, they talk about their older brother and how he influenced them. The letters from 2 of his children talks about his cars and laid back personality. His grandchildren almost all remember his cycling, train room and decorating the pontoon for July 4th. Click here for Rebecca's memories.
Double click on Rachel's letter to read it. She included the photo of LeRoy (beardless) and herself as a baby as a part of her letter.
L-R: Rebecca Morgan Lewis, Rachel Morgan Twenter, Jaclyn Long Morgan, Leah Morgan Warren
Here we are getting ready to cheer Dad on during his bicycle race.
Dad had a model train room that all children loved, but he was especially proud of showing it off to his great-grandson Brett Twenter.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Letter to LeRoy from Jaclyn

I wrote this letter to my father for his 75th birthday. Last year, I wrote about my brother Jim's letter to Dad. Click here and you will notice a similar theme in mine---our cars and our family trips! Double click below to read about my memories.
The next section of the letter is about cars I had to drive and the cars/trucks my children remember.

(L-R: Rebecca Morgan Lewis, Rachel Morgan Twenter, Leah Morgan Warren)

"Rachel's favorite---the orange truck. She remembers the time you asked her if she wanted air conditioning. She said yes, so you opened the floor vents and let in the outside air."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday Letter to LeRoy from Ron

L-R LeRoy Long, Ronald Long, Roy Long
When my Dad turned 75, various members of the family were urged to write special memories. I already did one with my Aunt Mary (Dad's sister Mary Long Wassmund)---click here. And his sister Norma Long Rodgers---click here. This one is from my Uncle Ron (Ronald Walter Long) on August 9, 1993.
There were about 20 years difference in their ages. Ron wrote: "Initially it was Baby Brother and Big Brother. This period last from your 19th to age 42. During these years, you served in the U.S. Navy and I was very proud of you as a boy.
Ron continued: "The intermediate years of our relationship was as an older brother---almost a parent figure. these years ranged from your 42nd year to your 72 year. During this period many things changed in transition."

"Now our relationship is as brothers of comparable years and hopefully many pleasant years ahead. Sincerely, Brother Ron"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grover's Photo Collages

In addition to clocks, Grover occasionally made photo collages. Above is one he made with our dog Griffin. . .OK, we housed Griffin, paid his bills, but he was Grover's dog.
He made the one above for our 19th anniversary.The one above and below were for a reunion we had in the Smoky Mountains in 1997.

Photo collages must be a genetic hobby----below are photos which my daughter Rebecca made for me a few years ago.
Rachel made this one last year of my Princess Leia photos.
And, Leah put together a new photo grouping for me a few weeks ago.
Thanks to all of you for the wonderful photos and the memories.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Grover's Clocks

My father-in-law Grover, loved making clocks with photos and other memorabilia. I've given most of them to the girls, but here are some. The one above was to honor Eloise's golfing.
This one includes his driver's license and various cards.

This clock has photos of Eloise as a girl and teenager---it hung in his hall at the apartment.

This one he made for me---it hung in my kitchen for many years---made of family recipe cards.

Carrie Berry was one Ellice's nieces or cousins.
Here's a dump cake recipe from Ethel Morgan (Clifford Morgan's wife)
Ellice Smith Morgan's cookies.

The egg nog is probably from Alice Alderson Fry.

He made this from one of our records for Rebecca's birthday.