Monday, November 14, 2011

Ingalls Update

I have written several posts about the Ingalls family----Amanda Reiter married William Barber Ingalls.  Amanda was the sister of my great-grandmother Mary Reiter Long.  We know she is in the photo above by the fence post, but aren't sure which one she is.  One of Amanda's granddaughters found my blog and has given me more information on her family and hopefully a better photo!  Here is the photo of Amanda Reiter Ingalls and her daughter Gertrude Daisy Ingalls Richter taken in about 1920.

The Ingalls attended Bethlehem Baptist where one of their children, Rowena, is buried.  Click here for church records which include them.

But, five children did survive:L-R Dwight, Dorothy and Gertrude. Seated: Arley holding Walter.  Arley was also known as "Fritz" which is what his niece called him.  Click here for more photos and information about this beautiful family.

Margaret wrote that "Fritz" or Fredrick Arley Ingalls did go to West Point as did his son (James M. Ingalls) pictured above.  She also sent me a link with Jim's obituary written by his son.  Click here.  There is information about the whole family in that link. All of the information sent me to where I found the death certificate for Fredrick Arley Ingalls who died at 38 years old of melanoma---the same disease that took my dear cousin Bob Delaney.

  While Margaret didn't know of anyone else who had melanoma, she did recall that her mother said it had started as a spot on his arm.  The death certificate says it started in a deep nerve.  Captain Fredrick Arley Ingalls was buried in the National Cemetery at the Presidio of San Francisco with his wife and son Jim Ingalls, Sr.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dabney History

 Since my brother Jim and Deb will be going to Versailles and my sister Jane may go again someday, I thought I'd write up the information on our relative who lived at Versailles.  Madame de Maintenon  or Francois d'Aubigne pictured above in Versailles is not an ancestor but the half-sister of an ancestor.  Our grandmother was Vivian Maupin Long; her father was Henry Wesley Maupin; his father was John Dabney Maupin----so the name was still a family name into the 1800's.

But the story begins with Agrippe d'Aubigne who is believed to be our ancestor: "d'Aubigne" is how the name "Dabney" originally looked. For more about him click here.  If you need to more about the Huguenots, click here.  If you google his name, you will find a lot about him, the italicized section below is from the book The Story of Gabriel and Marie Maupin.

On this August 23, 1572, Henry of Navarre (Henry IV) having left his wife's quarters was walking with his Huguenot friend Agrippe d'Aubigne near Notre Dame when the rioting started and they heard the shouts "Death to all Huguenots".  Knowing he would be recognized and killed, he reacted instantly.  They hurried into the cathedral and Henry stripped off his cape of gold cloth, his rings, and other signs of wealth.  Clad only in the doublet, breeches, and boots he looked like a student.  He grabbed a prayer book from a young prieds and with his disquise he escaped. . .

I have included this story . . . .for the name of Henry's friend Agrippe d'Aubigne. It is well known that two of Gabriel Maupin's grandsons married women with the name Dabney (d'Aubigne) .  . . . .Agrippa d'Aubigne had a son Constant who had a son Theodore.  It is from this Theodore that the Cornelius Dabney whose daughters married Maupins is descended.  Constant had a second wife.  From that marriage were three children, one of them being Francoise d'Aubigne, who was to renounce her Huguenot upbringing and become Madame de Maintenon and later the last wife of King Louis XIV after the death of Queen Theresa.  It is said that Madame de Maintenon was influential in urging King Louis to revoke the Edict of Nantes in 1685.  We heard much about her on the Hugenot Tour, especially at Versailles, where two large prortraits of her hang.

To continue with our Dabney genealogy:  John Dabney Maupin (1814-1899) was the son of Carr Maupin (1776-1845) who was the son of John Maupin (1725-1806) and Frances Dabney (1712-1763).  Frances was the daughter Cornelius Dabney (1670-1764) who was the son of Cornelius Dabney (1640-1701).  Other famous Dabney descendants include Zachary Taylor (US president), Nancy Astor (first female in the House of Commons), Lyndon B. Johnson (US president), Marlon Brando (movie star) and Pretty Boy Floyd (notorious criminal).

Sunday, August 28, 2011

DeSoto High School Photo

Several years ago while at a Long Reunion in DeSoto (Click here for more about it), David Long pictured at the end of Row 5, brought this photo which I photographed.  I posted it on a genealogy page and someone wanted me to identify the people. . . .so here they are!

Row 1:  M Aylesworth, Hazel Bailey, T. Baldwin, Bill Bayer, Maria Bays, Don Becker, Hardin Bell, E. Berry
Row 2: Eddie Bittick, Bogg. . . ., Elvin Bowen, H. Burgess, Herb Cole, Ester Cook, Wanda Cox, B Crockett, John Dawes
Row 3: J Doebbert, B. Duffner, Ken Elders, Ron Evans, Clara Freer, Clara Goff, Don Holdin, M. Hardin, E Hastings
Row 4: D Hellwig, Don Hoard, Ken Hulkey, Geo Hughes, Rob Hulsey, E. Huskey, Lois Juenger, M. Keller, Lila Kelley
Row 5:  N Klaus, K Koch, M Koch, D Landayt, Jack Lasley, Edith Lasley, Jack Lewis, Clyde Long, David Long
Row 6:  E Lebbers, Jos Lufebors, Paul Lyon, Wm Martin, Alf McKee, R. McKinney, Mae Moore, Oscar Mudd, F Nixon
Row 7 ????, M Politte, F Powers, E Reynolds, J.H. Reynolds, M Rohlfing, A Schleff Jr, H. Scott, Betty Sheets
Row 8 ????, M Spiller, Steinm. . . ., R Sullivan, A Vanden, Al Vaughn, Lloyd Wiley, C Wilson, Ros Wilson

And, I am guessing that "F Nixon" in row 6 is related to our esteemed governor Jay Nixon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Raising Canes

 While at a family gathering, I noticed that my Aunt Mary and Uncle Ron both had old canes.
 Mary's cane, which is hand-carved was from her grandfather Thomas Henry Long.
 Her husband Bill said she left it in a shopping cart recently, and he had to go back to Walmart to retrieve it---I totally understand.

Her grandfather is seated on the left.  He died in 1940's so the cane is at least 70 years old.

Not to be outdone by his sister, Ron said his cane was from their father Roy Long.

I wish had photos of Roy and Thomas with their canes. . .I will keep looking.  But, this is grandpa about at the age when he would have used that cane.

I do have a photo of my other grandfather, Wes Wicker, with a cane on the far left of the photo.  He was injured as a young man in a horse riding accident and walked with a cane on and off for the rest of his life.

Mother used her father's cane, and we inherited it from her.
That cane meant a lot to her, too, but she put an address label on it so she'd be sure to get it back. . .maybe Aunt Mary should do that, too.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fry Photos

 While at the Fry Family Reunion, Suzy had some photos in an album.  The photo above is "the homeplace Enon, WV".
 George Henry Clay Alderson, pictured above was my husband's Great Grandfather.  The photos below are some of his children and one grandchild.
 This is Lena (Evalina) Alderson Hummel (b. 1875) for whom my mother-in-law, Lena Eloise Fry is named and my daughter Rebecca Leigh Morgan is also named for her.  Rebecca has one of Lena's rings which was left to Eloise in Lena's will.
 Ida Alderson Masters, pictured above died at 34 years old along with a baby.  She is mentioned in this letter.
 Alice Alderson Fry was my husband's grandmother, George Henry Clay Alderson's daughter. 
 Another daughter is Zela Irene Alderson who was married to Arch Wesley Grant.  We have some ice skates we inherited from her.
 This is Otis Hambra Alderson (b. 1874) whom I just discovered applied to belong to the Sons of the American Revolution.
Finally, this is Alfreda Fry Morris, my husband's aunt.  I just thought this was a very sweet photo of her.  I wish that I had photographed more of this album. . maybe next time.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Bible of Valentine Fry

NOTES FROM THE FAMILY BIBLE OF VALENTINE FRY certified to be a true copy of the original document 9-27-1994 County of Wythe, State of VA.  Mary N. Cassell Notary Public. (Was commissioned Mary N. Brown (or Bison) Commission expired 7-31-95.
"This holy Bible is the property of Valentine Fry of Wythe County, Commonwealth of Virginia. United States of North America. Western Continent, thereof.  This Bible got 14 years before this date this Sat. the 22nd Dec. y 1839.  ?? A hint, and a dash, to the knave; and a rub to the careless. B. Knaves; I pray, do not, let any be mean enough to steal this holy book, or any other, or any thing else: for fear of Sin, Shame, and disgrace. Therefore, let the knave who know's himself, not truly honest. to take the hint, and the dash. for  a caution hereafter.  how, careless, do not keep this holy book, or any other loan to you; for fear of Shame, and censure, and no reliance hereafter, to be given to thee.  Moreover, If this book, or any other thing else should be stolen, or left gone by a loan, or otherwise, no matter how, if the honest hearted should find the same, or anything else, no matter how, he knows his duty is to make it known's, which show's the honest heart; with love to work divinely.  And in returning the same to the owner, let it be he, or she, they let the world be known's that they have found the same that the owner of the same may pay your demands, if it be within the bountys of reason; And is no charge, or demands the more; I should you augment with love, and gratitude for your kind honesty.    ____for your negligence.  This is the end of the hint, and the dash to the knave, and the rub to the careless. Therefore, let both look up, and see the  owner's name in full view, before your eyes. that you may make your escape from the above statements, as a prescription of your well wishes in a good cause.   Search the Scriptures for proof of the Same, in this 39th vse. of the 5th chap. St. John.  F.B. The time of life is the time to serve the Lord and therein, to commence the same devotion, is the vigour of thy youth, and there to continue untill death for your preservation, beyond the grave.    Proof in Ditts.?

BIRTHS From the records of my father Holy Bible  Wherein a record of 7 sons and ___Daughter and 3 died of the  ____children
As? I? Valentine, was born on Friday, 17th March A.D. 1786. and wife Mary Kath. was born on Sunday the 19th. March, A.D. 1786.  Child. Jacob was born on Sunday the 6th. April A.D. 1804
Andrew was born on Friday 13th May A.D. 1808.  Hiram was born on Thurs. 8th March A.D. 1810. Absalom was born on Sat. 16th March A.D. 1811.  Matilda was born on Sunday the  8th Oct. A.D. 1812.  Isaac was born on Sat.  19th Sept, 1814. 7) Nehemiah was born on Thurs 7th Nov. A.D. 1816. 8) Mary was born on Sunday 27th. Sept. A.D.1818. 9) Elizabeth was born on Sat. 22nd, April A.D. 1820. 10)Susana was born on Thurs. 14th of Feb. A.D. 1822. 11) Deliah was born on Sunday 28th Dec. A.D. 1823. 12) Abram was born on Sunday the 21st Jan. A.D. 1827.  13) Jane was born on Sunday 4th of Jan. A.D. 1829.  14)Margaret was born on Thurs. the 28th July A.D. 1831. 

MARRIAGES (County of Wythe) 12) Abraham married Leida? Estwood on Sat. the 1st March A.D. 1845.  13) Jane married Joseph Porter a neighbour, on Tues. 6th April A.D. 1847 Both of the County of Wythe, VA. 14) Jane, late Jane Porter married D___  ___ippi, a widower, on Thur. 28th Dec. A.D. 1848. (Both of Wythe County S. Virginia.)

DEATHS  On Monday the 2nd Sept A.D. 1833, then my husband Val Fry who was the father of 13 children. departed this life. in his perfect senses in hope of being devout.   Sunday the 12th Oct. A.D. 1845, then my Daughter Margaret Fry departed this life. in her 15th year, and in perfect senses, and supposes to be dearest? who was buried on Tues. the 14th Oct A.D. 1845 at 11 o.clock. both days beautiful.  Tues. the  20th April 1847 then Joseph Porter son in law, departed this life in his perfect senses. who married Jane.    Sunday 27th June 1847. ____the funeral of the above Margaret was preached by the Rev. W.B. Wint--- in his 47 year (Supposes)

BIRTHS  John Mitchel Fry a grandchild was born on Thurs. the 2nd March A.D. 1837.  Andrew Jackson Rosinbum? was born on Thurs. the 16th May A.D. 1839

Thanks to Suzy Fry who transcribed this information which she got from Rosa Bosch.  This was all written by Mary Yonce Fry in 1830's.  Double-click on the documents to enlarge them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bethlehem Baptist Blog

I haven't totally neglected this blog, but I did want to finish posting photos and documents for this blog.  This lovely country church in Jefferson County, Missouri has been the worship place for many of my ancestors.  Although the early records are lost, I feel very deeply that I have ancestors buried here going back to my g-g-g-g grandmother Margaret McCarroll Graham.  Someday, I hope to find some evidence of this. 

Her husband William Graham died in the St. Louis area---we can't find any evidence of his burial either, but click here for a really good possibility.  He died near here, Carondolet,  in 1835.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

William Edward Reiter

 My great-grandmother's brother William Edward Reiter has been whispered about for years.  He was Mary Celecia Reiter Long's youngest brother born in 1883.  In the 1900 census he was living at home with his widowed mother Eliza Tyrey Reiter and his sister Annie. His father Louis Reiter had already died.
 He joined Bethlehem Baptist Church around 1909 according to the record above.  He registered from the draft in 1918 naming my great-grandmother Mary Reiter Long as his nearest relative.  It's here that we find that he was tall, slender, blond and blue-eyed---taking after the Tyrey side of the family.
We also know that by 1920 he was living in DeSoto, Mo with his sister Annie and her husband Vincent Phenty.  Ed was single and worked as a blacksmith's helper for the Missouri Pacific Railroad.  But, the whispers were, "Grandma had a brother that committed suicide."  I wasn't sure which Grandma nor which brother, but I was finally able to locate his death certificate. . .
He had been in the mental hospital in Farmington, Mo when he died in May 1925 "By strangulation caused by wrapping a sheet around his neck by his own hands."  How he died didn't surprise me but where he died did---I had never heard that he'd been in the mental hospital.  Oddly enough, my great-grandmother Martha Silas Watson Tuttleton on the other side of the family had been in that same hospital at the same time.  The other surprise on the death certificate was that he had been married although her name is "Unknown".

I wish we had a photo of "Ed", and we may in one of those Baptist group photos, but for now I will just think of him as looking like his handsome brothers and sisters. Click here for the photo that has Ed's brother Fred, and sisters Annie, Amanda and Mary.  If he's on this photo, I suspect he is between Annie and Fred, but we may never know.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amanda Reiter

June 1904 "Sister Amanda Ingalls called for letter from Bethlehem Church which was granted.  Also Ada Robinson called for letter which was granted.  The Clerk was ordered to write same.  Meeting then elected delegates to attend Jefferson County Baptist Association as follows:  Bro. James G. McCulloch, J.P. McKay and George W. Harrison. . ." Bro. E.J. Hemrick, Moderator; George W. Harrison, Church Clerk.

Amanda Reiter Ingalls is one of the women right above the fence post in the group photo.  She was also one of my great-grandmother's sisters.  I am not sure why they left Bethlehem Baptist Church where my great grandmother, one sister and two brothers and her parents are buried.  But, she did leave an infant daughter behind in Bethlehem Cemetery--Rowena.  For more information on the Ingalls' Family and photos of their children, click here. Amanda's granddaughter has since contacted me and sent this photo of Amanda and her daughter Gertrude from about the 1920's.  For the information Marge sent me, click here.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Annie Reiter

 Annie Reiter Phenty (1876-1935)
Annie Reiter Phenty was one of my great-grandmother's (Mary Celecy Reiter Long) sisters.  Annie married rather late in life at 35 (1911) to Vincenty Phenty and had no children. Her sister Elizabeth (Betty) Reiter had held an office at Bethlehem Baptist as had her brother Louis H. Reiter (Clerk and Collector) before he left for Montana (see below)

 July 1903 ". . .Historical Committee not ready to report. 4th L. H. Reiter and wife called from letters for our Bethlehem Church which was granted. . . ."
But, I was a little surprised to see that Annie Josephine Reiter had also been elected to an office.   By all accounts "she was wierd" "she was odd".  Although her nieces and nephew might not have appreciated all of her qualities, I was very pleased to see that she was recognized and appreciated by her church.
 Aug. 1903 ". . .1st Church proceeded to elect pastor for ensuing year which resulted in re-electing E. J. Hemrick. 2nd. by motion Sister Annie Reiter [photo at the top of the page] and Bro. W.W. Powers was appointed Solicitors. . ." E.J. Hemrick mod. Geo. W. Harrison CC

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bethlehem Baptist

I was able to photograph all of these wonderful documents from Bethlehem Baptist Church near Grubville, Mo. BUT, they were taking over my family blog.  Pictured below are cousins Rick and  Ada who had located the documents.  The pages were all in a box with some pages missing and disintegrated and some written in pencil so very hard to read.  But, we feel fortunate to have located documents from about 80 years of the church's history.

Granted, I was related to someone on all of the posts, but I've now created a whole new blog just for the Bethlehem Baptist Church.   I will still have some information here, but they will have information on one of my ancestors or their siblings.
Double click on this if you want to enlarge it.

p. 28
Nov. 1900 Sat before second Sunday in Nov. Church was in regular session after sermon by Pastor.  Door of church was opened for membership.  None rec'd.  L. H. Reiter appointed Clerk Protem.  Minutes of October read and approved on motion church agree to pay Pastor $75 for ensuing year.  L. H. Reiter and Anna McKay appointed to collector.  Church adjorned to meet on Sat. before second Sun in Dec.
N. M. Pierce, Mod; L. H. Reiter Clerk Protem.

L. H. Reiter was probably Louis H. Reiter, my great-grandmother's (Mary Reiter Long) brother and not her father who was also Louis (Lewis, Ludwig) Reiter.

Sometime between 1900 and 1920, Louis and his family relocated to Montana. For more information about his family, click here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Macy's Children: Ruth and Wes

James Wesley Wicker (1898-1965) was the oldest of Macy's children and my grandfather. Ruth Agnes Hall Ezell (1908-1989) was always his baby sister (Georgia was born after he'd left home) whom he loved very much.
I had a special relationship with Ruth because she had a daughter, Kay, who was my age. So, I often went with my grandparents visiting Ruth and Everette in Memphis.
Ruth and Everette were married in 1926 but had been together since 1918 when their parents married. They were step siblings before marrying and having four lovely daughters: Merlene, Ann, Dorthy and Kay.
They were often referred to as "Ruth's girls".

Several years ago, my brother, husband, parents and I met with the surviving "girls", their daughters, husband and granddaughter at IHOP in Memphis.
Kay Ezell Walters, Dorthy Ezell Dent, Louise Wicker Long, Ann Ezell Crook (with my Dad LeRoy Long peaking over them)
But, as Georgia notes in this letter---Ruth was very special to all of us. Some might say she was the best of them all. She was friendly, loving, kind and a good Baptist. . . .excepting when her big brother Wes visited. Ruth's daughter Kay confided in me, "The only time Mother allowed beer in the house was when Uncle Wes came to visit."
I have done several blogs on Grandpa---he was my Mr. Wonderful.
We lived next door so I had plenty of opportunities to get to know my grandparents often choosing to stay with them for dinner rather than going home.
My mother once told me that the grandfather I adored was not the same man who was her father. Click here for Mother's memories.
It is amazing how a few years of maturity, a comfortable home can turn a stern father into a very loving grandfather.
The reason I started this series of blogs was to show other distant relatives how small the Williams family members were. But, with them always photographed with each other, it was hard to see. This photo is my grandfather James Wesley Wicker with my dad LeRoy Long and his father Roy Long