Tuesday, September 29, 2009

H.B. Morgan's Letter Oct. 29, 1945

This photo above of Dave was a whole year before the letter below was written by his grandfather on the same day.
This letter to his son Grover Morgan is mostly about the car that Grover is to drive when he gets home from the army.
Grover's brother, Paul, was able to get new tires and needed to get a new battery for the car.
This photo of Harry and Dave was July 1947, but notice Dave is still wearing the same hat that he wore 3 years earlier.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

H.B. Morgan's Letter October 23, 1945

Grover Davis Morgan, Jr. above in November 1945. The letter below is to Grover D. Morgan's family living in Alexandria, Louisiana from his father H. B. Morgan in West Viriginia.
The page above tells about Fall coming and his son Mason's work on the garage.
His son Paul has also been helping out. Bread delivery drivers are on strike.
H.B. thinks it's funny seeing people carrying flour to make bread when they probably don't have any shortening.
Finally, he assures Grover that he and his family can live and work on the farm when he gets out of the army. He's afraid Eloise will start to like the milder climate in Louisiana. He also mentions that Mason's wife Libby is sick, but her mother Mrs. Porter is taking care of her and the family.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

H.B. Morgan's Letter 16 Oct. 1945

Harry and Dave Morgan (Alexandria, Louisiana 10/9/45)
This letter was from H. B. Morgan to his son Grover Morgan who was stationed at Alexandria, Louisiana during World War II. In the letter he talks about the coal mine strikes in Kanawha district.
Then he talks about the tires that are needed on the spare car Grover wants to use when he gets back home. They can't get any tires because the "car is non essential."

H. B. wonders "if transferring the title would enable you to get tires".

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ellice Morgan's Letter 16 Oct. 1945

Ellice Smith Morgan wrote this letter to his son, Grover D. Morgan, and his family who were living in Alexandria, Louisiana where Grover was stationed during World War II.
She writes about the possibility of a coal strike. But she also mentions her son Mason helping build the garage and that Harry (her grandson) reminds her of Mason when he was small.
Above she writes about Lowell and his piano playing. Then she mentions that her husband (H.B.) was sowing rye.
Her son, Paul, who just returned from to the United States, earned "another stripe"---he got a promotion in the Army. She ends with "Tell Eloise & Boys I still miss them on Sundays and love to all."
Eloise and "Boys"---Davis and Harry. July 14, 1945 Alexandria, LA.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long Family Reunions

LeRoy Long (1918-2004) with his uncle Alfred Stewart Long ( 1881-1977)
Although the Long Family Reunion has been held for over 70 years in Jefferson County Missouri, I don't have a lot of photos. This first group of photos says "Jan 76" on the back, but the reunion is always in September and even Sept. 1975 would have been hard for me to attend---I was living in Pittsburgh. So this photo is either another year, or my parents took the photos.
This is one of Dad's favorite uncles---Curtis Andrew Long (1903-1980) with Le Roy Long.
The lady in the yellow lawn chair is Cenith Catherine Long Bruns, Aunt Katie (1891-1978).
The photo above was taken of my dad (on the left) with his cousin Clyde Long (1922-2001) at the reunion in 1981.
Although this looks like my grandfather, Roy Long, this is his nephew Clyde Long again in 1981.
I'm not sure who are in the photos above---Clyde? David? Please contact me (Jaclyn Morgan) if you know who these gentlemen are. To see photos of the 1931 reunion, click here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Letter from H.B. Morgan Oct. 8,1945

Above is Grover Davis Morgan, Jr. in Alexandria, Louisiana (Sept. 29, 1945) where his father was stationed in World War II. Doesn't this photo speak volumes about his life at that time?
The letter is from Harry Byron Morgan to his son Grover D. Morgan who was stationed at Esler Field, Louisiana. H. B. was a mine supervisor so he first talks about the mines and the possibility that the government (Govt) will be taking over the mines.
This B-24 Bomber didn't usually fly into Esler field, but had difficulties.
I think H. B. must be talking about the car which he said Grover could have when he gets out of the army.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Letter from Ellice Morgan Oct. 7, 1945

This letter from Ellice Smith Morgan was written to Grover Morgan stationed in Louisiana. She talks about her visitors which included Clifford Morgan pictured above. She also talks about her work on the farm. Double click on the letter to enlarge it.Her second page ends the same each time---she misses her grandsons.
Uh, Dave, did you notice Harry's elephant is bigger?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Milton Long and Catherine Brown's children

Jeptha Long and Frances Johnson
I recently had lunch with my 2nd cousin once removed (her grandfather and my great-grandfather were brothers) who brought a wedding photo of her grandparents which I'd never seen. Thank you Kay for sharing the above photo of Jeptha Long and Frances Johnson.
Milton Long and Catherine Brown
Click here for more information on Milton and here for more information on Catherine. They had 8 children most of whom I have photos for. Besides Jeptha Long (pictured above) they had Milton Martin Long, Nora Long Couch, Sarah Jane Long Maness, Susan Long Wallace, Mary Evaline Long Hughes, James C. Long and my great-grandfather Thomas Henry Long.
Pictured above are Susan Long and Thomas Wallace.
This is Milton Martin Long and Hettie Williams.
Above is my great-grandfather Thomas Henry Long with his oldest children: standing are Este Long, Alfred Long and Katie Long Bruns. Seated on T.H.'s lap is Lecy Long Guinther and to his right is Clarence Long. On Mary Reiter Long's lap is Lawrence Long and on the ground with a skeptical face is my grandfather Roy Long.
The only other photo I have of Milton's children is the one above and below from the 1931 family reunion photo. Thomas H. Long, Jeptha Long, Sarah Jane Long Maness (1859-1945), Lenorah (Nora) Long Couch (1861-1942) and Susan Long Wallace (1858-1941)
The only ones whom I don't have photos of are Mary Evaline Long Hughes and James C. Long.