Monday, April 27, 2009

Valles Mines

When William Reed first came to the United States, he worked in the Valle Mines area (Valles Mines) which is where the Glanvilles (his future in-laws) also lived and mined. At one time it was a bustling village, but there's not much there anymore but a post office, a gas station and several churches. There was a little bit of history still there like the General Store building.
A re-sale it shop
And a sign that explains where the name comes from:

After I got home, I googled the name and found out Dave and I have another "road trip" in our future. We missed a lot of Valles Mines. Click here for more information. But, I am a little concerned that the "Lost History Museum" has a "For lease" sign by it.

Oh well, we also were in search of the village of Avoca which had at least 1000 people in it at one time. But, that's another blog.

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