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Vivian Maupin Long, letter Dec. 13, 1945

Vivian and Roy Long with son Ron---photo probably made in DeSoto, Mo. 1944-45. The letter was written to her son LeRoy Long who was stationed in the Pacific (note address on envelope)

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St. Louis, Mo.
Dec. 13, 1945
Dear Son:
I will try and answer your two letters I received . Was glad to hear from you. I have been so busy---have been out taking care of Norma. She isn't doing so good since her babie came. The baby is fine, has black hair. He looks like Ronnie, I think. Your little girl looks like you. She has light hair and Max's baby has red hair. They are all pretty babies. Your baby was one month old yesterday. The time rolling by quickly. It won't be long before you will be home. I sure will be glad then.

Junior [McKay] quit over a the shops so did Charles Laluamondier[married to Martha McKay]. Lee, Donald McKay is over there some where, Aunt Grace said and so is Herbie[McKay]. Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Wicker went to the boilermaker dance Tuesday night. We sure had a good time. They had a big crowd. Lee, Fred Lyns has sure got a nice wife. I met her over there at the dance. Well, Lee it will be Christmas soon. I want Louise and the baby to come over Christmas if she can. Ronnie was home two days with a cold. We had our first snow last night. Was talking to Mrs. Wicker. She said the baby just laughs so cute.

I will sure be happy when you come home and be with Louise and the baby. Well I will close---have to go out to Norma's to wash the baby. Normas is still in bed yet.

Louise got along so good only she had to put the baby on a bottle. Take care of your self.

Love from all,

(The Wickers were Louise's parents, the McKays mentioned were children of Vivian's two sisters Matty and Grace who both married McKays, Max (Maxine) and Norma were Vivian's two daughters, Ron was her son who was only 8 years old)

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