Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Letter from Norma Long Rogers to LeRoy Long

The sketch was done by my daughter Rachel for her grandfather LeRoy Long---it is from a photo of his grandfather's barn (Thomas Long) where he played as a boy.

My mother asked many of us to write my dad, LeRoy Long on his 75th birthday. The following was from my Aunt Norma Long Rogers written in August 1993. (Double click to see it larger and then use the back arrow to come back to this page)

My dad used to say that eventhough he and Norma were only two years apart in age, they sure remembered things differently. He'd listen to her stories and just shake his head. To my knowledge, Mary Reiter Long was not a school teacher. Norma may have confused her with Thomas Long's first wife who may have been one.
Jep Long was Thomas Long's younger brother---their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were and have remained friends. Web Long was Jeptha's grandson, though.
The Long-Wiley farmhouse that Norma remembers visiting with my dad is pictured below as it looks today. It is on Stone House Rd. outside of DeSoto, Missouri---just down the street from the Old Stone House that Thomas Long grew up in.
This was the site of the barn which my daughter drew. It blew down in a tornado a few years ago.

My mother was with me when I took this photo. She said, "Take a picture of where the barn used to be. Your dad had a lot of wonderful memories playing in that barn." Well, at least Dad and Norma agree on that.

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