Tuesday, November 11, 2008

H.B.Morgan letter April 17, 1945

Five Oaks

The above is a great photo of the farm--Five Oaks. (The 5 oaks were around the spring--to the right of the photo-- and the farm was named by the previous owner) Dave says the two-story structure up the hill from "The Big House" (right corner) is a chicken house---it's bigger than "The Big House"? He said Harry and Noel would support his argument. . . .

To the left of the "Big House" (which was smaller than the chicken house) is the garage which was built by Mason and Grover. Above the garage was "The Apartment" which is where the Grover Morgan family lived after the army and before they moved to Cincinnati.
Grover working on "The Apartment."

The letter below discusses Mason and the progress on the garage and "The Apartment."

Please note how many letters talk about fried chicken. In my family, we're all about pork products (see photo on Long post), but Morgans (who put chickens in two-story houses) mention fried chicken with some frequency.

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