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Ellice Smith Morgan Letter, April 11, 1945

L-R Mason, Aunt Vic (Victoria Hatfield), Ethel, Clifford, Grover, Davis, H.B. Morgan

L-R Aunt Vic, Ethel, Clifford, Eloise, Davis, H.B., Ellice, Carol Morgan
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Wed. April 11/45

Dearest Gang

Recd your letter today. So glad you haven't been in any danger for I realy have been worried about all of you. The radio said the water was so bad. I had a letter from Paul today.H e is fine as usual. Vic is still here but is going home this weekend I think, but she is coming back when you come home. She said. Well, the boy mowed the lawn today---first time this spring. All the fruit is killed and I do mean all.

I am glad Davis isn't growing up so fast but I know we can't keep them little all the time.

Did Eloise wear her new suit for Easter. I'll bet she looks nice in it. I hope Paul can get home when you do. We should should be in Berlin by the weekend, don't you think. I'd like to be there to conk old Hitler, but I guess maybe they can do it up rite with out me. I hope so anyway.

Guess you can work on the apartment when you come home. Mason is going to stay up next week to work on it. Do you think it will be OK for you to come home in May. Guess we will begin to plow corn ground next week. We had a nice visit with Mrs. Fry the other nite. She came over Sunday nite. She is looking well. I think the boys can take the trip home OK. They are that kind or I could say they are Morgans. So guess I better ring off as I must write Paul. So good nite and lots of [love] to you and Eloise and some extra from my Pals.

Mother & Boys

[For more information on the Flood of 1945, click here. For more information on WWII in Berlin at this time, click here. Mrs. Fry was Eloise Morgan's mother]

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