Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ellice Smith Morgan letter April 18, 1945

Dave said the photo above was taken after H.B. had his stroke in 1949 (notice his right arm)
Dave and Harry eating apples (above). The letter below is transcribed or you can double click on the photos. Refer to earlier posts with letters about Paul who was over-seas, the flooding in Louisiana and the building of the garage.

Wed. nite April 18/45
Dearest Younguns,

How are you all to nite? Mrs. Fry told me you all were coming home soon. I am sure glad for I want to see all of you. It seems like you have been gone so long. How long can you stay. Thanks for the candy. No new calves yet but maby we will have plenty milk when you come. One cow should be fresh in about 3 weeks. The other the 13 of May. My garden is coming up nice. We had some rain & hale yesturday. Tis rather cool to nite. We have a fire in the fireplace. Feels good, too.

Vic went home today. She said she was coming back when you come home. . .maby she will. What does my Boys think about coming home on the Choo Choo or have you told them yet?

I think Mason is going to stay up next week to work on the garage. He should get a good bit done in a week, don't you think so?

The flood gone away? I sure hope so. that had me worried for a while.

Well, I just can't think of anything to write. The chickens are big enough to fry. So, I guess we will fried chicken when you come. I haven't had a letter from Paul this week. Yet I wrote him yesterday. I wish he could get home when you do, but maby he won't get home until fall--said he might not. So God bless all of you and bring you home safely.

Lots of love from Mother and Boys.

Kiss the Boys for Granny.

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