Monday, November 3, 2008

Ellice Smith Morgan Letter April 3, 1945

Ellice Smith Morgan in front of fruit trees (July, 1943)

Tuesday nite April 3 / 45

Grover Eloise Harry & Davis,

How's everyone. All are fine here, & starting to farm. It seems spring is here at last and I for one am glad even tho it means lots of hard work I like it. None of the fruit is killed. Yes most of it is blooming. We have our potatoes peas lettuce onions radishes parsnips carrots & turnips planted. I am going to reset some strawberrys tomorrow. Maby we can have a short cake when you come home. I hope so for I sure like s berry short cake dont you.

Vic is still here but she is going home again soon but when you and Paul come home she is coming back again. The ranch is sure pretty now with everything in bloom but it looks good to me all the time.

Well our hired hand quit so it's up to us now. & I am glad for he was so slow he gave me the willies. Yes I'm glad he quit. Now dont you go to worrying about me working too hard, I just do what I want to anyway... and boys are big boys now & can do a lot when they have to.

Dont you think the war with Germany will soon be over. Then we can concentrate on Tojo & make him squirm if McArthur hasn't finished him. Boy he is sure doing his stuff isnt he.

Listen put a rock on Davis head he is growing up too fast I won't know him when he comes home. I wanted him to stay little & sweet like he was but I can see from his pictures that he is already a big boy. Tell him Granny is sorry he cant stay a little boy all the time. But all my little boys had to grow up too. So I guess there isnt anything to do about it. Maby they can help Granny on the farm pretty soon.

I am sleepy so I will ring off for to nite with lots of love to all the gang.

from Mother & Boys


Leah said...

Oh my gosh. This is fantastic. This letter sounds like the way my "Mamaw" talked; there were three words/phrases that catapulted me back to visits when I was a girl. I had no idea and would never never have remembered, I am sure, really, how she sounded and with your letter, I can even hear her. Thank you so much, cousins!
And the HISTORY is awesome. I love it love it love it.

Jaclyn Morgan said...

The brain is amazing---how a few words took you back. For me it is often smells and sometimes just how the air feels.

We are hoping to jog a few memories---hopefully people will share those memories so we all can enjoy them.