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Ellice Smith Morgan Letter March 28, 1945

(Photo taken Nov. 1945) Double click on letters below or scroll down and read the transcription. The letter was to Grover and Eloise Morgan who were stationed on an army base in Louisiana.

Wed. Mar.28 -/45

Dearest gang,

I read the picture of my sugar boy looking a[t] his cake today. I was so glad to get it. Tis so good of him isn’t it? Well we may get to plant potatoes tomorrow or Friday. I hope so anyway.

The stone work is finished. I think Mason is coming up Saturday to work on it some. Put a top on it so we will have somewhere to store the finished lumber that we have to have for it. You know it has to be kept in the dry. Such as windows and doors and things like that there. Oh I guess we are gona have a real garage some of these days, don’t you honey. I don’t blame you for staying down there until things are settled, don’t let them put anything over on you.

Thanks for the candy, I’ve eaten quite a bit of it. Tis the only kind of candy I eat. Father brought me a box too. I’ll be getting real sweet first thing we know.

I am rather tired tonight, went to Bluefield on street car and that tires me out. I must dampen my clothes tonight & iron tomorrow. I am glad Eloise has her suit done [..] she wants to wear it for Easter. I’ll bet it is nicer than she could get ready made. She sews so nice.

Well, Father just called, he is OK. I ask[ed] him if Vic was all rite & he said she wasn’t still long enough for him to ask her. He said she was over at Porters yesturday [sic] & down at Cliffords tonite. She has been cooped up here with me so long, I guess she is glad to get out a bit.

I had a letter from Paul yesturday, he is fine as usual, he said. I just hope he stays that [way].
Well I better get busy on those clothes. Thanks Eloise for the nice letter & picture today. Lots of love to you and Eloise, and some extra for my boys.

Mother and Boys

"The Boys" above. Vic was H.B.Morgan's sister---Victoria Morgan Hatfield. The Porters were Mason's wife's parents. They had been close friends of the family when Mason and Libby were children. The building project was a garage and apartment being built on the farm.

"Sugar boy" AKA Grover Davis Morgan, Jr. at his 2nd birthday (Feb. 1945)

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