Monday, May 11, 2009

Reiter/Tyrey Children---names unknown

Unknown Children--Turn of the century
While at my sister's, I found a box of children's photos with no names on them. The blond child above looks a great deal like my nephew and grandson (see below). Mother always said they looked like Reiters. My grandson Davis
My nephew Doug
Since this photo and the one with the Ingalls were all together, I assumes they are all Reiters, but they could be of the Tyrey family, too. I know all of Mary Celecy Reiter's children, and don't think any are her children. Amanda Reiter Ingall's children were identified by my parents years ago, but some could be Ingalls. Annie Reiter Phenty and William Edward Reiter had no children, that I know of.Unknown Child--Turn of the century
Unknown Child--Turn of the century
So, these children are either Louis Reiter and Lana Wiley's children: Nina Reiter Beck (b. 1898); Mae Reiter Voth (b. 1905); Gladys Reiter De Roig (b. 1908) or Eloise Reiter (b. 1914). Or, they are from the Tyrey family. The girls below have been tentatively identified: Gladys Valle Cooper daughter of Albert and Alice Valle) and the other one is maybe Edna Valle (daughter of Lawrence and Estelle Valle) whose grandmother was a Tyrey. Click here for more information.
Unknown Child--Turn of the century
Or, they could be Frederick Reiter and Rose Bruns children: Louise Ellen Reiter Sutter (b. 1908); Ina Mae Reiter Pigg (b. 1911); Emmett Reiter (b. 1914); Clara Reiter Kolley (b. 1912).
Unknown Child--Turn of the century

Unknown Child--Turn of the century
Finally, one could be Elizabeth Reiter and William Clinton Manion's son Dewey Manion (b. 1898) who is, by the way a double cousin since his great-grandmother is related to me on the Long side (Susan Graham).Unknown Young man--Turn of the century

If anyone can correct the information above or can identify any of these children, I would apprecitate it. The one below is my dad LeRoy Harold Long---but, I think he also looks like the blond in the first photo.LeRoy Long @1919


Rachel said...

wow. i agree about the unnamed possibly reiter child ... and DOUG & DAVIS! wow.

Leah Morgan Korbel said...

And they wore some serious bows....