Friday, May 22, 2009

Morgan Letters: Aug. 13 & 15, 1945

Grover Morgan's barracks ready for inspection at Esler Field, Louisiana
The Aug. 13 letter to Grover Morgan from H. B. Morgan discusses Emma Smith (Patrick Smith's widow) visiting and that the war should be over soon.

Grover Morgan (on the right turned away from the camera sitting with the WACs on the day they arrived 11/14/43. "Air Corp WAC Publicity Campaign, Esler Field"

This letter to Grover Morgan's family was Aug. 15, 1945 from Ellice Smith Morgan. The war is over, but she still has concerns that Grover won't get to come home right away. It looks like Garner will get to stay in school, after all. Ellice and Garner just built hog pens while Lowell is with his father for the week. She anticipates that Paul will be home soon.

Grover Morgan sitting with the WACS 12-12-43.

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