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Glanville-Reed Missouri Mysteries

There are several stories that I've been trying to track down. First, my dad always said we were related to the Ambruster/Armbrusters (who have a mortuary in St. Louis) on the Reed side. It's a beautiful mortuary on Clayton Rd. in a Tudor style building---I couldn't find any exterior shots.

Then, mother told me about having her appendix removed by Dr. Pernoud who was a distant cousin of Vivian Maupin Long's. In 2002, she had a tooth pulled by that doctor's grandson. Mother also said that Vivian enjoyed going to church with us at Lafayette Park Methodist Church because she got to see relatives(stained glass window below from the church).

Finally, my Aunt Mary remembers visiting two "maiden cousins" of Annie Reed Maupin's on Boyle Avenue in St. Louis. Mary had to wear gloves, get dressed up, sit up straight and drink tea. Recently I asked her the general age of these "maiden cousins" and she said older than Annie Reed. Well, that couldn't be a "Reed", then, but had to be a "Glanville" or "Granville" because Annie was the oldest of the female Reeds in Missouri.

All of these mysteries have sent me to Valles Mines and Avoca because that's where the Glanville/Granvilles lived in addition to the Armbrusters and Pernouds.

James and Francis (Hancock) Glanville came here for the mines from Cornwall, England with one son, James (1840-1887). They, then, had 4 more children: Frances Glanville Reed (1845-1920), Cora Glanville Nicholls(1848-1915), Elizabeth Granville[sic] Outman(1858-1887), William Glanville(1850-1913).

Cora married another Cornishman---John Nicholls (see their land to the right of Valle Mining Co. above on 1898 Plat Map). They had quite a bit of land in the Avoca area, raised 7 children (most of whom were in California or Kansas working in later years). I don't know what happened to Lizzie (could she be one of the mysteries?) or James Nicholls, but Henry Nicholls died in Bonne Terre area; John Nicholls is buried with his mother and father in Avoca, Frank, Thomas and George Nicholls were in Kansas in the 1920's.

Elizabeth Granville [sic] Outman and her children had an interesting story: she and her husband died the same year leaving 4 orphan children. (The family story is below) She is buried in Valles Mines Cemetery (which we can't find) with her mother Frances Hancock Granville[sic]. The children were raised by various family members---often being with William Glanville in St. Francois County. But, Gus Outman lived with his aunt Frances Reed in St. Louis in 1900 while he was working in one of the foundries. Lillian Outman lived with her cousin Annie Reed Maupin in De Soto in 1900 (see above). Could Lillian Outman or Mary F (Mamie) Outman. be the "maiden cousins" or married to an Armbruster/Pernoud?

I did find some information in the De Soto library on the Outmans. Above is a photo of Gus Outman (Annie Reed's first cousin):
I have to confess that I didn't take photos because I was lazy or wanted to be precise---I forgot to take a pen or pencil. :-)
It's interesting that the person writing this has the middle name "Granville"---hope he isn't too disappointed to find the name is really "Glanville". Robert C. Outman's cause of death was a little surprising, but not Elizabeth's.

I don't know much about James Glanville other than he died at 55 and was buried in Avoca. cemetery---I believe his is the unmarked grave there.

William Glanville had one daughter (Lena Glanville Rubottom) who did live in the St. Louis area, but she clearly was neither a Pernoud nor an Armbruster.

If anyone has any more information or corrections on the Glanvilles, I'd be interested in knowing. By the way, I do know where they are from in England (and where they lived for about 300 years before coming to Missouri), but this is a Family STORY and HISTORY blog not one of genealogical data. :-)

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