Friday, May 15, 2009

More unknown Reiter/Long photos

I wish I knew more about the photo above---it looks so interesting. But, I have only two clues---one is the crease across the top like it was folded to put in an envelope and the other what is written on the back. Possibly someone can recognize the location or some of the people in the photos. Double click to make the photo larger, then use the arrow to come back to this page

The woman and children below could be the same ones that I grouped together in the previous post on Louis Reiter family. I think this is 3 of the daughters---the oldest one seems to be wearing a "middy" dress---not a mother-style. The hills look like the hills in the previous blog. So, I'm guessing they are Nina Reiter Beck, Gladys Reiter and Eloise Reiter.
I'm not sure of the following---they could just be friends in Jefferson County, Missouri of my grandfather Roy M. Long, or they could be family . . .
The photo above actually has a lot of good information---best is her name is written on the back (Mary M. Heffield), but I also recognize the photographer's name as being a De Soto photographer. I suspect she is one of Roy M. Long's many girlfriends, but that's another blog.

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