Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Longs and Maupins 1930 Census

4117 and 4115 Castleman (my husband is in the van)
My husband and I tried to find some of the places my dad lived in St. Louis a few weeks ago. My Aunt Mary remembers that the Roy Long family lived at Newstead and Forest Park (Click here for a street view of the area). Mother said the house they lived in was now a "bus shelter" so I didn't try to find it. (there is a bus shelter in that street view) Note 2015:  No Bus Shelter---either 4444 Forest Park or the parking lot across Newstead.
After the 1927 tornado that destroyed that house, they lived on 4115 Castleman. On the way there, we passed many sites that I'm sure my sister and cousins will recognize.
Missouri-Pacific Hospital where I had my tonsils taken out.

I believe this was a mortuary at one time---across the street from Mo-Pac Hospital
Compton Hill Reservoir Park---across from Mo-Pac Hospital
The most curious part of the 1930 census is not that Roy Long's family lived next door to the Maupins (4117 Castleman), but it's how the Maupins are described. The names Henry and Anna Maupin are correct, but their ages, country of origin are very wrong. Also, the census taker got the occupations wrong with the names---he has Henry Maupin as a shoes salesman, but he was a machinist at the railroad which in fact is what the census says my Aunt Maxine was. . .at 7 years old! He obviously had a problem writing across the page. Above is 4115 Castleman where Roy and Vivian Maupin Long lived with LeRoy, Norma, Maxine and Mary Long.
Part of the mystery is solved when I realized that Henry and Annie Reed Maupin were also counted in their house on Boyd in De Soto. I've known most of my life that Henry Maupin had homes in St. Louis and De Soto. They probably weren't in the Castleman house when the census-taker came by. The house on Castleman appears to have been rented, but the census taker asked someone else who lived in that house for information on them and it was just wrong.

4117 Castleman where Annie Reed and Henry Maupin lived in 1930.
Aunt Mary said after that house, the family moved back to De Soto and then lived at 1607 Theresa in the Grand Park Apartments near Wyman School, 3917 Shenandoah (Street view) and finally 3867 Flad after Ronnie was born (they needed extra rooms). I've already done two blogs about Flad. Click here for how it looks today. Click here for photos of it in 1940's.
They also had Albert Maupin, Walter Maupin (Vivian's brothers) and Vivian's nephews Junior McKay (Mattie Maupin's son)and Charles Maupin (Harry Maupin's son) living with them from time to time. Mary said there were daybeds in the dining room for extra sleeping (I can remember Charles Maupin sleeping on a daybed at my Grandparents' Wicker's flat in the dining room so it must have been fairly common) and she (Mary) slept in a baby crib in her parents' bedroom until Ronnie came along.

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