Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morgan Letters: 6 Aug. 1945

This first letter is from Ellice Smith Morgan to Grover Morgan's family in Louisiana at Esler Field in Alexandria, LA. In the letter, she discusses the flood "down Prenter way", Paul Morgan's hopes for getting home and the possibility of Garner Morgan going in the military. She also talks about the McGlothlins who are Paul's in-laws. Janice McGlothin Morgan is pictured above with Davis Morgan.
Ellice Smith Morgan, Grover Morgan, Janice McGlothlin Morgan, 1943
Below is a letter written by H. B. Morgan also on Aug. 6th. He lived most of the week in Prenter where he worked while his wife lived in Princeton on "the farm". So, they didn't really know that the other was writing on the same day. He, also, talks about the weather, the crops and the possibility of Garner going into the military.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to reflect when reading all these letters, how all the predictions about the future changed right after the U.S. dropped the A-bombs, and Japan surrendered. Garner went to college and didn't join the army until Korean War days -- etc. Life does change quickly... Note that the "Bill B." that Granddaddy refers to was Bill Bohon, who lived down the hill from us about 150 yards. / Dave M