Thursday, January 1, 2009

More of Gigi's Favorite Recipes

While digging in my recipe box this holiday, I found some of my mother's favorite recipes.

This was one of Mom's favorite recipes---I think it is based on the French Onion Soup served at Famous-Barr.

This is Louise Long's Lasagna recipe from the 1960's----it's not really like the Italian lasagna my sister-in-laws make, but it is still very good in a Midwestern way. I have several friends from high school who say this was the first lasagna recipe they ever ate and they still use this recipe.

Leah requested that we make these---Mom always made these and had them in the freezer for when company came. I made them for Christmas and all of the guys loved them. I shared this recipe with Mom---from my friend Jessica Krafcik.

This Gooey-Butter Cake is a St. Louis tradition. Mother always had these in the freezer for my brother Jim and nephew Doug to fight over.

The final recipe I found was this for garlic walnuts----Mom made these for gifts to friends.

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