Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dolls from 3 Generations

These are my oldest dolls---both were gifts from my grandmother Vivian Maupin Long. My Grandfather Roy Long brought the one with the purplish hat and striped skirt from France to my Grandmother Vivian after World War I (sadly, her arms and legs are no longer attached---she needs to be restored). The one in blue might be older, but Mother said Vivian bought it as a restored antique doll from some shop that was in her neighborhood---the head is German porcelain but the body is 1940's composition. Mom said Vivian loved dolls!
This doll belonged to my mother Louise Wicker Long. It's a real Depression doll with a cloth body. All of the clothes look like a child (my mother?) made them. I love the fabrics---they are so 2008!
When my father LeRoy Long returned from World War II, he brought a Japanese doll and a porcelain tea set home to me (one of the cups broke over the years).
This doll was given to me by Maupin/McKay relatives. It's a Skookum doll which was made for tourists. For more information on this type of doll, click here. The Maupins were a railroad family with relatives in Texas. I just heard on Antiques Roadshow that vendors used to come to train stations and sell "Indian" dolls and artifacts (this doll was made in a factory), so I suspect one of them brought it home after a trip to Texas.

This is all that remains of my favorite dolls---Storybook dolls---I had at least 10 of them. I'm not sure why I have Little Red Riding Hood---she wasn't a favorite of mine. I think Vivian or Lena (my step-grandmother) Long crocheted the dress for me (one of my nicknames as a child was "Little Red Riding Hood"). However the Bride doll was my favorite---she is pretty tattered, but her eyes still blink.

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