Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Morgan Obituaries 1940's 1950's

Grover passed the following obituaries on to us. July 14, 1948, William Gratton Morgan. He was Harry B. Morgan's brother (Felix preceeded him in death):
The following is Willard Morgan and Rebecca Morgan's daughter (H.B. Morgan's first cousin---Nora Elizabeth Morgan Cline). Yes, Willard and Rebecca were cousins.
This is Arch B. Morgan (b. 1850 d. 1936). His father was Anthony Morgan (grandson of Abraham Morgan) Arch would have been Harvey George Morgan's first cousin. Double click to read about their journey to Mercer County, West Virginia. Below is an article about his wife Rierdel Shrewsbery Morgan.
Amos A. Morgan, son of Floyd Morgan and Dicey Lester, died in 1940. He was also Harvey George Morgan's first cousin. I think it's safe to say Rev. H.B. Morgan was not Harry Byron Morgan, but I'm not sure who it was.Finally, here is H. B. Morgan's obituary. Double click to make it larger.
Garner is left off the last one---but I think they got all of the Pall bearers!

Obviously there are errors in a number of these obituaries, but there is also a lot of valuable information. I am so happy newspapers got away from "Mrs. A. B. Morgan" and would now call her "Rierdel Shrewsbery Morgan"

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