Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cycling---a Family Event

I found this booklet in my Dad's cycling scrapbook. I was pretty impressed that he was in the National Bicycle Championships on September 17, 1937. Then I read the list of participants.
OK, my dad was #6, my aunt Mary was #14, and whoa---my dad's cousin Norman McKay (his mother was Mattie Maupin) was #20. I kept looking at the list.
And, there was Jerry McKay and Andy Baum (his mother Mamie Reed was Annie Reed's sister).
So, I called my Aunt Mary. She just laughed when I said, "So, why were there so many Maupin-Reeds in this National event?" "Well, your dad talked us all into it. Andy Baum was a cyclist because he was really an ice skater and this was how he stayed in shape in the warmer weather."
Another page had several familiar names but Mary wasn't sure if the Ruth Reed was the cousin nor was she sure that C.E. Maupin was cousin Charles Maupin.
Later I found the various races they had---I had to laugh because it's like Mary kept saying, "We weren't really serious cyclists like your dad was." Jerry McCay (McKay) came in 3rd in the Sidewalk Bike 75 yards!
I'm not sure who is any these photos, but it's probably one or two of the McKays and maybe even Aunt Mary. They do NOT look like future Olympians! But, I'm sure they had fun with all of their cousins in the competition. For my aunt's memory of one of the races, click here.

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