Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Morgan Notes

Again, I do not know who the author of these notes are and I'm not 100% sure who they are about, but I can try to identify the individuals. They are on small pieces of paper that look like they were torn off a notepad. The person who wrote these would have been of Grover, Garner, Paul, Lowell, Clifford, Mason's generation.
Grandfather above would have been Harvey Morgan, Grandmother Martha Jane Gunnoe.
Great-grandfather would have been Jonathan Morgan who was born in 1794 and died in 1891! I have no idea who the great-great Grandmother was. It is safe to say it was not Elizabeth Ealy who immigrated from Wales. I also doubt that it was Rachel Blankenship's mother---her family tree can be found on the internet. So, that leaves one of Nancy Harvey's grandmothers or someone on the Gunnoe side.

I'm not sure what the references to the Halls are above.

I did find some notes (in my handwriting) probably taken while talking to Grover Morgan.
  • Harvey George had 2-3 wives
  • Jasper lived in Pikeville, Ky
  • H.B. Morgan's grandfather came home from the Civil War on a little horse---horse gave out and he carried it. [I'm thinking his grandfathers would have been too old, but. . .]
  • 80--Landville on Guyandotte between Gilbert and Man
  • Not far from Davy toward Guyandotte River (Hammond, Woosley, Morgan Valley)
Sorry, I'm not sure what the last two mean---I suspect I asked where something was (possibly the places in parenthesis) and those were the answers.

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