Friday, January 16, 2009

Morgan Family Tree by O. E. Morgan

This sort of thing makes my eyes gloss over, but it might be needed for the next post. Double click to make it larger.

I wanted to do a bit of research before I posted this. Of course the Morgans were really from Wales not England. On, someone has that Abraham Morgan and Elizabeth Ealy died in Wales, but I don't believe this history would have been handed down that they were the immigrant ancestors, if someone didn't know that (it also states his father's name and where he lived, but I'm waiting to hear where and how the person got the information)
I believe this was compiled in the late 1930's by Oley Estel Morgan, son of Felix Ellison Morgan (see above). I just can't imagine how he was able to assemble all of these names. Gradually, I'm getting dates to go with these names from
Some of you have asked about Harry Byron Morgan's name---here is where someone wrote in that his name changed at an early name. Speaking of names, it's interesting that Ellice's name is "Ellis".


Tracie Crawford said...

I am descended through Felix Ellison Morgan's daughter, Cora Catherine Morgan. I have numerous family photos including a "tintype" of possibly Harvey G> Morgan. Would love to connect with you.

Tracie Crawford

Jaclyn Morgan said...

Tracie---hopefully you'll get this. My e-mail address is

Nochipra said...

Hi, I was googling some info on my Morgan family line and stumbled on your blog. What a great resource!My Morgan line starts with my great grandmother Octavia Jenora "Nora" Morgan Smoot whom I'm named after. Her parents were was Alexander Rice Morgan and Elvira B. Goodman Morgan, I have Alexander's parents as Milton Morgan and Julianne Harvey Morgan, Milton's parents as Jonathan Morgan and Nancy Harvey Morgan (not sure if there is a relation between Julianne & Nancy but probably?). Jonathan's parents as Thomas Morgan and Rachel Blankenship Morgan and Thomas' parents as Abraham Morgan and Elizabeth Ealey. I would love to hear from any other Morgan descendants and compare any notes we may have. I am very interesting in finding out more info about Abraham and Elizabeth before they came from Wales. Is there any documents or proof that they came from Wales other than the info I found online? I have several records I found and would gladly share on my line. Thanks, Nora You can contact me directly at