Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LeRoy Long--Cyclist in the News Part One

I have never heard of a Cyclist's funeral like this: LeRoy Long is at the top of the steps on the left with the dark coat holding his cycle up in honor of Edward W. Grosse who was also a member of the Century Road Club. This was at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Grand Blvd. and Pestalozzi street.
The photo above was the funeral procession---LeRoy Long (Dad) is in the suit in the right corner.
Although I know this was in Forest Park and it was before September 17, I'm not sure of the year. I believe it might have been in the St. Louis Star newspaper. Here are the phots a little closer---LeRoy Long is in all 3 photos---see if you can find him. Hint: he's the third one in the top photo.
If you can read the article, LeRoy Long is in the lead in this photo.
LeRoy is in 2nd place here, but it was won by Arvell Grosse, a 17-year old high school student. I'm thinking Dad was 17-20 years old.

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