Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Memories about Vennie

Wes and Vennie Wicker, St. Louis, 1941
From my sister Jane:

What can I say.... I love her so much. I still get tears in my eyes because she was so special to me. She gave me great memories. Align RightVennie Watson Wicker, 1935

We would always go to the park. She always wore a dress. I always climbed to the top of the jungle gym and would be afraid to climb down. She would have to climb up in her dress and help me down. When we took the bus shopping or to the church ladies circle meetings it was strictly white glove and hat for me. I better be a lady or I would hear about it later. When we walked to do shopping and run errands she still wore a dress, but I got to wear pants. I remember we would always stop at the cleaners for her to talk to a friend. I think about those days when I go into the cleaner and smell that odor.

Virginia and Vennie Wicker, 1939

She would rock me to sleep for my afternoon nap. (I still have this rocker) When I woke up, I got orange marshmallow circus peanut candies and a Dr. Pepper while I watched Art Linkletter. I remember Grandma making tea for dinner. To this day the smell of tea brewing or the fragrance green tea triggers a picture of Grandma in her flat cooking in the kitchen.

Vennie Wicker late 1920's

We would play hearts or old maid at the dining room table. It had a big window across the gangway from Marilyn's dining room window. We[Jane and her friend Marilyn] would talk and get in trouble just talking there. I went with Grandma to the basement and helped her on wash day. I liked the area for washing, but the part with the furnaces was scary.

Vennie Wicker, 1935

I always felt special that she made our clothes and doll clothes. The last dress I remember was a taffeta plaid magenta dress for Rose and Ron's wedding.

I think I am very much like my Grandmother. I am a homebody who just enjoys doing things around the house. In some of the pictures on the blog, I can see I had her smile and nose.

I loved her so much. She was a great influence on my life.

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Rachel said...

oh my GOSH, jane does look JUST LIKE HER! wow!

Jaclyn Morgan said...

Actually their coloring was very different---Grandma had black eyes and dark hair which is why we thought she might be part Indian.