Friday, December 12, 2008

Two More Reed-Farncombe Family Stories

These are both from Kathleen Weaver, our Wisconsin cousin who initially contacted me about William Reed's identity. To read this, double click on the document. To come back to this page use the back arrow.
As with the other "Family Stories", there are some things that are true and some which probably aren't. We don't believe William and Mary were married in St. Thomas Virgin Islands although they may have lived there. Pauline Reid(pictured below) is an English cousin descended from William Reed/Farncombe's brother Edward. She has seen the church records and says they were married in St. Thomas, Winchester, England. Below, Pauline is standing beside the grave of one of William Reed/Farncombe's brothers.

The next document is about Mary Farncombe (William Reed/Farncombe's sister) and her husband Fred DiVall. I enjoyed reading about their Atlantic voyage taking seven weeks and them leaving England as newly-weds.

Have I mentioned how much I love the internet? We would have never heard these stories or been able to connect the dots without it. And, someday, I hope to meet my distant cousins who helped me put these stories together--Carol Keller is across the state, Kathy Weaver is in Wisconsin and Pauline Reid is "Far Away" in England. Thank you, ladies, we appreciate your sharing of these stories, photos and documents.

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