Monday, December 22, 2008

Vivian Maupin Long letter, Dec. 26,1945

This was a Christmas card my dad got from me---the brown on the left had my footprints on it---knowing Mother, she had bought the card and took it to the hospital in November when I was born! So, the footprints were probably done by the hospital staff. She was always thinking ahead!

(This letter is in pencil, so I transcribed it below)

St. Louis Mo
Dec. 26, 1945
Dear Son:
I will write a few lines today. I have been sick--had the flu. I had 103 fever, was pretty sick for a few days---was in bed.

Norma & Bud & Steve, Louise & Jackie, Bob & Max and Bob, Mary, Dad and Ronnie was here for dinner. the babies was so cute together. Little Jackie is a real little girl. She sure looks like you. she has big eyes like you. [photo from Feb. 1946---L-R: Norma and Steve, Maxine and Bob, Louise and Jaclyn. Bob was in a shadow---I couldn't make it any better]

Billie and her husband came over and got Louise and Mr. Wicker. Still it was not completed without you.

Uncle Hal and Aunt Mattie, Junior and Sadie and Jerry came over last night. We had a nice Christmas.I guess you might be home before you get this letter. I hope so.

Max & Bob are still with us. They are waiting on the house. Mary got her dad a brown leather chair for Christmas. It sure is nice. Well, Lee, next Christmas we will be all together. I will close.

Love from all

[Billie is my mother Louise's sister and Mr. Wicker is my maternal grandfather. Mattie Maupin McKay was Vivian's sister---Hal was her husband, Junior and Jerry were her sons, Sadie was Junior's wife. Max (Maxine Long Delaney) was my father's sister. His other siblings mentioned were Norma Long Adams Rogers, Mary Long Wassmund and Ronnie Long]

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