Saturday, December 6, 2008

Farncombe and Reed photos

Kathy Weaver, in Wisconsin, sent photos which her family had of 3 of William Reed/Farncombe's siblings. Seeing those photos was all I needed to be persuaded that her story was true. The first photo I saw (above) was Kathy's ancestor Mary Farncombe DiVall. I was shocked at how much she looked like my aunt---Mary Long Wassmund. I sent the photo to various people and said, "Who does this look like?" They all said, "Mary" The Mary above would be Mary below's great-great aunt.

The one thing that Mom always talked about were Annie Reed Maupin's light blue eyes.
Here is her aunt Elizabeth---her father's sister:
The last recognition I had was William's brother Edward Farncombe:
Not as similar in looks as the women, here are his great-nephews Walter and Harry Maupin (sons of Annie Reed Maupin):
And, great-nephew Ralph Reed son of James Reed (son of William Reed/Farncombe)
And Charles Maupin (Harry's son)

The photos were pretty convincing that William Farncombe did indeed come to the United States and change his name. Carol Keller, married to Williams's great-grandson did find the document she'd received from a cousin (now deceased) which confirmed the story. Come back in a few days for that installment.

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