Friday, December 5, 2008

Eloise's Rag Rugs

This is Dave and Harry sitting at their desks in Louisiana (1945). Grover, their father, made the drawings in the background. Behind Dave and Harry are rag rugs which Eloise made.
We have one of the rugs. Eloise told us it was made of strips from her brothers' and sisters' suits. I was always curious as to how the rugs were made.

When we were in Nauvoo, a Mormon historical community, we saw how the rugs were made.
These looms look larger than the one that Eloise used to make the rugs.

I love the textures in the rugs and the whole idea of recycling, but I especially like our rug knowing it has clothes from the Frys.

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Rachel said...

oh that IS neat. makes me want to get a loom... :D