Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jimmy's Christmas Moon

These Christmas memories are from my brother James Long:

During the grade school years we would go to the American Legion Christmas parties at Gibson School. They had a Santa who handed out gifts with name of each every good little boy. Since we went with the Kesson boys (Frankie, Bobby, and Tony) there was sure to be mischief…so much for good little boys. While leaving the Christmas Party Dad looked up and pointed up at the moon showing me my first lunar eclipse - December 19, 1964. I remembered thinking…some day we’ll all be able to go to the moon.
(l-r Steve Adams, Jaclyn Long, James Long)
At age 10 I had out grown the American Legion parties and got to go to Adult Christmas parties.
(l-r Lena Long, Steve Adams, Jane Long, Rose Long---all playing charades)
The best ones were at my Uncle Ron and Aunt Rose house. I remember they served Italian food, had cool Mediterranean furniture, played Charades, and served wine from straw covered bottles (Chianti)….nothing like the Honey Ham, playing Candyland, maple colonial furniture and Morgan David wine we would have at home.
(l-r: Ed Rogers, Jane Long, Norma Long Rogers, Louise Long, Jaclyn Long)

(l-r: Harry Provost, Jane Long, Jaclyn Long, Steve Adams)
But the coolest thing was watching the Apollo 8 mission on TV on December 24, 1968 -Christmas Eve with my Uncle Ron. That night I not only saw the moon, but also saw the full view of planet earth in the emptiness of space.
My Uncle Ron, a chemist, had been working on the coating for the exterior of the space capsules. I asked Uncle Ron would we ever land on the moon….he handed me one more present and said “in a couple of years”. The present was a book called “Astronauts” And he was right …The USA achieved John F. Kennedy’s goal of landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

And this year....... I’ll be eating Italian food, playing Dominos and drinking Chianti under a Blackmoon on Christmas Day.

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