Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maupins in Woodlawn Cemetery

My cousins Kathleen and Stephen along with our uncle Ron (above) accompanied me to DeSoto, Missouri to find the graves of our relatives.Fortunately, Kathy knew exactly where they were since she had accompanied her dad each year.
Henry W. Maupin (1861-1930) and Annie E [Reed] Maupin (1866-1944) were Kathy, Steve and my great-grandparents, Ron's grandparents. All of these stones are for their children and grandchildren. I don't know where Mamie Maupin Wilson (b. 1894) is buried, but it's probably in St. Louis where I remember visiting her and her husband Leo. Grace Maupin McKay (1900-1991) died in California---her husband Harvey was Hal McKay's uncle. I don't think I ever met her, but my parents visited her in California.

Harry E. Maupin (1889-1978) was the oldest child to live to adulthood and his wife Minerva (1895-1987). I visited them often as a child---it wasn't my favorite place to go since they didn't have indoor plumbing.
They had three children: Charles (whom I knew very well), Marie (whom I don't remember at all) and Betty (above) who was one of my favorite relatives---always sunny and smiling. I'd never thought that her name was Elizabeth (1921-1995) which was Annie Maupin's middle name. I don't really remember her husband Paul Pope (1917-1990).
We always visited Mattie and Hal when we went to De Soto. They had 9 children who lived to maturity---I loved all of them I knew---always laughing, relaxed, joking.
Buried with them was their oldest living son Henry Silas McKay (1911-1999) whom I didn't really know. Their other children were Bob, Maybelle, "Junior, Jack, Martha, Norman "Herbie", and Jerry. I have done other blogs on Bob, Junior, Martha and Jerry.

This is the stone of Albert Maupin (1895-1945)who was in the Depot Brigade in World War I. Albert never married and was disabled after falling off a train (he had been a brakeman). He often lived with my grandparents Vivian and Roy Long.

My grandmother, Vivian Idele [Maupin] Long (1899-1951) and grandfather . . .

Roy M.Long (1894-1973).

Steve and Ron had brought flowers for their graves.

I was very close with Walter Maupin (1908-1965) and Maxine Huskey Maupin (1917-1993). I even would stay with them in their big house on Main Street.
At that time, they had just one child "Jimmy" (1939-1980), but later had Frances (below) who died at birth and two children who are still living---Johnny and Suzanne.
Although it was sad visiting with so many people I've loved, it was great being with people I still love.

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Jane said...

I have many fond memories of most of these people. Dad really did stay in touch with his Aunts, Uncles and cousins. I remember the Maupin reunions. And I loved the train rides to Desoto in the summer to visit Aunt Maxine Huskey Maupin. She was wonderful! Always had chicken and dumplings ready for Dad when he came to pick us up.