Friday, June 25, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Church members 1930-1934

I'm sorry these records aren't exactly in order, but I wanted to get them done before July and have to scan 200 images to find the membership records. Both the image above and below are the same page, but I wanted to get in closer and photographed it twice. I'm actually related to at least 11 of these people.

Beginning Oct. 3, 1930: James Brown, Thelma Brown, Newton Eoff, James Wilson, Blanche Wilson, Sadie Wilson, Ida Wiley, Linda Drinen, Nettie Drinen, Martin Drinen, Ray Drinen, Russell Tove. 1932: Coen Reed, Mrs. Belle Eoff, Ruth Manion, Gladys Lee Hunt, Charles O. Lee, F. J. Whitsel, Vernon Lee, Margaret Montgomery, Ross Pillen, Mrs. Myrtle Pillen, Maud Lucas, Margaret Woods, Lola Brown, Mrs. H. L. Wilson. 1934: William Wiley and Julia Wiley apparently changed their minds and decided to go to Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church in Ware, Mo. But, J.E. Brown did join the church by letter.

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