Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Church Membership 1864-186?

Jackson J. Carrow d. 1889
These are the oldest of the Bethlehem Baptist Church records that Ada had. Bethlehem Baptist is still in a rural part of Jefferson County near Grubville, Mo. For 80 years of these records, go to the Bethlehem Baptist Blog. Double click to enlarge for more information: Mary Ann Manion, Margaret Wilson (now Lee), Nancy Ann McKeen(?), Margaret Pounds died Oct. 1877, Lucinda Pounds, Emily Baker, Margaret Ann Williams died March 24, 1878, Elizabeth Brinley, Nancy Wilson, Missouri Hamilton (now Eoff), Martha Ann Whitesett, Lucindy Herrington, Hariet Graham, Sarah M. Moggers, Henriett W. Maggers, Miley Ann Meledy, Olivia Mayfield died Oc. 5, 1877, Onliene Beeler, Letty Widman A. Blackmann died Aug. 1878, Caroline Widman, Margaret Lee now Frost, Margaret Carrow, Elizabeth McKee, Sarah Widemann, Malinda Wideman.
As hard as it might be to believe this, separate records were kept for men and women. I thought, "did only women go to the church" when I transcribed the first page and then, I found this page---all men: W. Williams, John Herrington, George H. Frost, William Davis, Midleton (?) McDaniel died July 1873, John W. Nappier 1864 dead, Jackson Carrow departed this life Nov. 22, 1881, Michael McKay, Dennis Wilson, Sallomon B. Wilson, William Jasper Frost, Rabin S. Huskey, Noah Studam, E.F. Frost, Robert Balenike, Robert Wilson, Silas M. Herrington, ??? Parkes, Wm. P. Frost, P------ Wideman died April 1, William W. Hocking, Thomas Eoff baptised Oct. 21 1866 dead, Thomas Eoff died Jan. 21, 1879
"Illegally drawing out of the church" does NOT mean stealing from the church which I first thought, but rather they left the church without a letter of transfer. Some of the names are very hard to read---I welcome suggestions and corrections. The page above is also "the ladies": Docia McFry, Catharine Long (Catherine Brown Long, my great-great grandmother), Elizabeth Wideman, Matilda Lee died November 5, 1876, Mary Ranicagan???, Unity Evans died March 1883, Adline Wilson, Catharine Frost, Adline McKay, Elizabeth McKay, Ellen Dallushy??, Margaret Lee, Nancy Graham, Jane Wine (now McKane), Susan Manion departed the life Aug. 28, 1880, Mahalla Frost, Catharine Brinley, Sarah Scaggs, Elizabeth Graham, Elizabeth Brown, Ruth Evans died Sept. 1877, Sarah Evans, Lucinda Frost, Levi (?) Partney.

Finally, the men's membership: James Pounds died Apr. 8, 1866, George McFry, Thomas S. Pounds, James Evans died Oct. 31, 1865, John Evans, James A. Wideman, William McKay, Christopher Frost, Michael Brinley, Wesley Scaggs, Lewis Partney, Leonard Couch, Stephen Pounds, Thompson Brown, Efram Evans, --------Wideman, Jr, William G. Manion, Lewis H. Lee, William Hanney, Joseph Brown, James M. Pounds.

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