Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Membership 1890-1895

Cousin Rick took me to Ada's house near Grubville, MO to see some old records of Bethlehem Baptist Church that had been found in an attic. Longs, Browns, Grahams, Tyreys and Reiters were all members of this church. The cemetery has my great-grandmother Mary Reiter McKee Long and four great-great grandparents: Milton Long, Catherine Brown, Liza Louisa Tyrey, Louis Reiter.
I was pretty excited about seeing some of the membership lists. Double click to enlarge to read when and how they joined or left the church. Here are the names from 1890's: Alice Wilson, Louis Adams, Mary C. Adams, Freemont Pounds, Wm. Powers, Clinton Manion, Susan Bruinn, H. W. Williams, Virginia A. Pounds, Eliza Caviness, Hugh McKeane, Laura Wilson, Charles Evans, Vincent Pauthy (Phenty?) and wife, Newton Eoff, James Wideman, George W. Harrison, Dexter L. P. Williams, Fannie Williams, Lou Harrison, George Davis, ?????, Caroline Brown, Winnie Manion, Eliza Wilson (colored), Lila Whitworth, Martha Whitworth.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the date photographed, but think it's 1895. Here are the names listed: Mary A. Manion, Nancy Wilson, Malinda Wilson, Phebe Brown, Martha Pounds, Malisa Brown, Frances Lee, Clara Eoff, Silas Pounds, Ardell Dickey, Martha Huskey, Robert McKay, Annie McKay, J.P. McKay, John Lee, Bertha Wilson, William Alvoid, Wm. and Anna Hulsey, John Dickie, Ellen Sterling (now Cowen), Mary Wilson (now Huskey), ????, Margaret Carrow, Jennie Brown, Effie Carrow, Mrs. Margaret Carrow, Mary E. Perkins, J.L. Perkins, Frona (?) Perkins.

I have now devoted an entire blog to the 80 years of records which I photographed.  Click here for Bethlehem Baptist Church records.

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