Friday, June 25, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Members 1880-1890

Elizabeth E. Reiter Manion (1867-1904), sister of my great-grandmother Mary Reiter Long.
For more about these church records got the Bethlehem Baptist blog which has 80 years of the church records that I was able to photograph.
Although there were no dates on this page, Caroline Valle is one of my relatives on the Tyrey-Reiter side of the family. She married Peter Charles Valle in 1860 and died in 1910, so the above page is somewhere in between: Miss Ellen Baldwin, Mrs. Caroline Valle, Miss Mary Jane Mothershead, Mrs. Clara Davis.

As you can see some of these pages are in poor condition, but we can see that the years are 1880 and 1881: Jane Rettger, Stephen Pounds, Reuben Chapman, Mrs. Amanda Turley, Mrs. Martha Bittick, Mrs. Louisa Reider (my great-great grandmother?), Mrs. Mary Johnson, Price McKay, Price Carrow, Robert McKay, James McKay, Martha J. Carrow, Bertha Johns, Milly Whitworth, George Evans, B. H. Hunt,
The page above has many of the same names, but some have death dates, so I'll repeat those: Stephen Pounds (d. 1890) Amanda Turley (d. 1892), Bertha Johns (d. July 20, 1892), Sarah Thomas, J.P. Lollar (d. 1889), David Perkins, Simon Chapman (d. 1885), John P. McKay, William Lewis, Selicia Tyra (my g-g-g-grandmother, but her name was Celicia Kilpatrick Tyrey d. 1889), Ann Bailey, James Huskey, Jane Lewis, Elen Nevels, Margaret Wilson (d. 1893), Elizabeth McKay (d. 1895)
I'm going to correct some of the spellings on this one: Jacob Edsell, Louis Powers, Victoria Wilson, Mary Ann ? Williams, Betty Riter (now Manion 1892) [Elizabeth Reiter], Melvina Graham, Annie Perkins (now Mc Kee), Louis Retcher, John F. Wade (departed 1891), Jane Wade, William Brown, Siner ?? McKee (now Manion), Mary F. Williams (excluded for dancing), Martha Whitworth, Emily Pilant, Annie J. Graham, William Pounds (restored), Silas Whitworth, Thomas R. Eoff, Samuel L. Medley, Elen E. Huskey, Rose Wideman, Susan E. Partney, Mary McCulloch, Willis Beavers, Winny M. Wilson, -inas Ogle, Louis Reiter [this is probably the son who moved to Montana], A-----------
1887: Mary Willson, William Alvord, Mary Alvord, Emily McKay, Margaret Montgomery, Mack Powers, James McKay, Lula McKay (1889), John Brown, Sr., Oley Wilson, Thomas Montgomery, James Bouyer (Boyer?), Willies Reynolds, Martha V. Carrow, Anna Hulsey, Emily Manion, Mary McCulloch, Fannie Williams, Mary Perkins, George Davis, Clara Davis, Ella M. Lee (1890), Amanda Reevers, Mary Pruett.
Again this one is repeating many that can be found here. I'll repeat these names since it's on a different page though: 1890---L.L.Wilson, Alice Wilson, Louis Adams, Thomas Williams, Mollie Pruit, Lucinda Huskey, William Powers, Freemont Pounds, Wisley Pierce, W. Riley Williams, Eveline Williams, Clinton Manion, Susan Bruinn, E.N.Ladd, Y.U. Williams, Virginia Pounds, Eliza Caviness, Ferdinan Gache, ---rea McKane [Area McKean], Laura Wilson 1898, Charles Evans, J.G (?) McCulloch, Vincen Paury (what are the odds that his name is hard to decipher on both documents), Billie Montgomery, Billie Thompson, Rosie Williams, Newton Eoff (reinstated), James L. Wideman.


billnielsen said...

I am the granddaughter of W.C. Manion and his second wife, Carrie Etta (Wilson) Manion. I would love to share the family history of the Manions if you are interested. I remember visiting Bethlehem Cemetery as a child. My mother was the youngest of the Manion/Wilson children. This evening, as I entered Betty Riter Manion in the Google search box, you can imagine my surprise at the first "hit" I found--this site, with a mention of my maternal grandfather and his first wife.

Jaclyn Morgan said...

I don't know if you'll get this, but I don't know how to contact you. Not only am I related to Manions through Elizabeth Reiter, but the Grahams.