Monday, June 21, 2010

Bethlehem Baptist Membership 1909-1929

Many of the people in this photo are members of the Bethlehem Baptist Church. Click here to see the entire photo. Click here for all 80 years of the Bethlehem Baptist records. Please contact Jaclyn Morgan if you can identify any of these people.

Double click on these membership rolls to see when and how these people joined or left Bethlehem Baptist Church near Grubville, Missouri: Ada Brown, Cittie Perkins, Hettie Pruet, Price Carrow, mack Perkins, John Drinnen, Ben Washburn ("gone to Holy Rollers"), Nellie Adams (now Green), Jennie Wilson (now Adams), Cintha Carrow, Daisy Wilson (now Eaton), Otta Frost, Thomas Reed, John McKee, Annie McKee, Blanch Miller (now McDowell), Mary Eoff, Ella Sterling, Roy Perkins, Mrs. Fannie Lee, Mrs. Nettie Prewitt, Coral Lee (now Adir?), Miss Lee Carrow (Clover?), Miss Betha Prewitt, Miss Carry Aders, Charles Henry, Ed Reiter (died May 20, 1925), Mary Lee.

This page is 1911-1920: Otto Carrow, Pery Miller, Frank Wilson, Margie Wideman (now Carrow), Myrtle Wideman, James Adams, John P. McKay, Elizabeth McKay, Gladys Lee (Hart), Gladys Wilson (now Long), John Wilson, William Wilson, E.F. Wilson, Howard Miller, Ruth Hensing, Pearl Miller, Thelma Miller, Floyde Miller, Ada Lee (now Henry), Bertha Eoff, Elsie Harness (now Manion), Gertrude Williams, Myrtle Williams, Robert McKay, Lazetta McKay, Woodrow McKay, Walter Adams

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