Thursday, October 1, 2009

Valle Girls?

I have made it my mission to identify the photos my sister had in one of Grandpa's cigar boxes. I thought I'd identified Lois Valle and Verna Valle, but when I met Lois she said via an e-mail from her daughter Jean, "The one with the darker hair may be Gladys Valle Cooper (mom's first cousin, daughter of Albert and Alice Valle) and the other one is maybe Edna Valle (daughter of Lawrence and Estelle Valle). Gladys was the first grandchild of Julius and Betty Valle and the only child of Uncle Albert. Edna was the second grandchild and the oldest child of Lawrence Valle. Gladys is deceased and Edna is still living with her younger sisters in California and is 97."
Here is why I thought this photo was Verna and Lois Valley. I was on a Jefferson County Genealogy Web-site (all of the children are identified at Brown School 1926)and took a look at this photo with fresh eyes. Several years after first seeing the photo, I know that I'm related in one way or another to most of these children. My dear friend/cousins (The Jeptha Longs) have many family members here and that's the context I first looked at it. I've recently been aware of the blonds in the family, looked at this photo at the blond children and noted that one of them was Verna Valle. I thought. . "Valle---Great-great grandmother's sister Caroline Tyrey married a Valle." I looked at the photo again (5 th girl on the right) and I was sure that was the girl on the right in the unknown photo.
This photo of Clyde Long is what had me thinking blond. I'd always been told the blonds in the family are from the Reiter side of the family. BUT, g-g grandmother Reiter was a Tyrey (Tyree). David Long (next to his brother) said everyone always said his brother looked just like Chester Tyrey which has me wondering if the photo I dearly want identified is of a Tyrey---especially with my latest discovery.
Looking at this little boy's face is like looking at my nephew and grandson Davis. Go to this blog for more Unknown Photos of the Reiters and Tyreys.

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