Friday, October 16, 2009

Maupin Siblings

Apparently I'm not the only one with boxes of mystery photos. A cousin in Texas sent me this photo asking if I thought these were Maupins. Together, we have concluded that these are the children of John Dabney Maupin and Jane Dickinson Maupin: Mattie Maupin Maupin and Henry Maupin (my great-grandfather) are seated in the front; on the porch are John D. Maupin, Oliver Maupin and Ira Maupin (not necessarily in that order, but we're pretty sure Ira is on the far right).

We believe this photo was taken in Teague, Texas in the 1920's (Mattie and Henry died in early 1930's). We don't know what the occasion was, but with all of them working for the railroad and having passes, it wasn't that hard for Henry (from De Soto, MO) and Ira (from Kansas City, MO) to hop on a train to visit their three siblings in the Waco/Teague area of Texas.

This is the third mystery photo cousins and I have cracked in one month! One is so bizarre, it deserves its own blog posting. (The third one is "Valle Girls?")

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